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Video: Government Surveillance, Security and Privacy: Does Security Always Win?

Governments have a responsibility towards their citizens to prevent and solve crimes, and to protect national security. Today’s technology gives governments and companies robust capabilities to conduct mass surveillance of virtually all of our activities. The systems and communications devices we interact with each day are constantly producing an on-going stream of personal and intimate data about you – where you are and where you have been going back years in the past, what your read, watch and listen to, who you talk to, what you have searched for on the Web, your financial transactions, your emails, texts and chats, the apps you use, your health and when you sleep, and much much more. Corporations and governments have an insatiable appetite for our data but where can we draw the line? How can we balance the value of our data to society with its personal nature? History has repeatedly demonstrated the dangers of allowing governments to conduct unchecked mass surveillance on citizens and unchecked corporate surveillance can be equally damaging. In this interactive discussion, we will get your thoughts on where the lines should be drawn and debate the issues.

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Jeffrey Blatt

Of Counsel at Tilleke & Gibbins
Jeffrey J. Blatt (‘Jeff’) is a Silicon Valley pioneer who worked directly with the original founders of groundbreaking technology companies including Apple and Sun to protect and leverage their innovative technologies. He is a cyber security lawyer, privacy evangelist and TMT executive who leads the Tilleke & Gibbins’ TMT practice group in Bangkok, Thailand. Jeff is a frequent speaker, author and thought leader on issues relating to data privacy, cyber security, technology, and the intersection of privacy, law enforcement and government action, in addition to technology and telecom matters. In Asia, Jeff was a key member of the executive team that built and launched “Astro,” which has become Southeast Asia’s largest direct-to-home (DTH) digital satellite television business. He is also an experienced public company board member, having spent over 8 years on the board of Sri Lanka Telecom Plc where he chaired the Senior Tender Board, the Risk Management Committee, and sat on the Technology Sub-Committee providing strategic direction and good governance practices, including driving cyber security initiatives, at this large publicly traded fixed and wireless telco.

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