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Video: Technology Revolution and the Future of Privacy

Data is driving innovation in most of the medtech, fintech, edtech, fashtech and other X-tech industries. The insights from collecting and analysing huge amounts of data allow technology to drive growth and development in traditional industries, spurring them along the road to digitalization. While enterprises can reap huge rewards and consumers can derive greater benefits, we must ensure the proper collection, use and protection of personally sensitive data. In this session, learn how X-tech enterprises are harnessing the power of data and balancing the need for customers to have control over their privacy.

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Harvey Jang

Director of Global Privacy and Data Protection at Cisco
Harvey Jang is Director of Global Privacy and Data Protection for Cisco. He serves as the team lead for privacy and data security related legal matters and is responsible for developing and orchestrating Cisco’s global privacy and data protection policies, compliance capabilities, and accountability frameworks. He is a member of the Board of Trustees for Bowman International School, serves as an instructor for International Association of Privacy Professional’s privacy credentials, and is a frequent panelists/speaker on a variety of topics related to privacy, security, and information governance.

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