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Video: Government Surveillance, Security and Privacy: Does Security Always Win?

Governments have a responsibility towards their citizens to prevent and solve crimes, and to protect national security. Today’s technology gives governments and companies robust capabilities to conduct mass surveillance of virtually all of our activities. The systems and communications devices we interact with each day are constantly producing an on-going stream of personal and intimate data about you - where you are and where you have been going back years in the past, what your read, watch and listen to, who you talk to,…

Video: A Practitioner’s View of the New EU General Data Protection Regulation

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) aims to align the different legislations, drive a single digital market and increase security cooperation across its member states. The laws have been sharpened to provide more enforcement teeth with penalties as much as 4% of annual global turnover for firms that break the rules. In this session, we will go in-depth into what are the core principles and applicability of the GDPR, and discuss what companies in Asia must do to avoid missteps.

Video: PIAs and Data Mapping – Operationalizing GDPR and Privacy by Design

Given the new requirements of the GDPR, companies and organizations doing business globally need to think hard about how to best implement efficient and effective data handling practices that are replicable and consistent. As a privacy professional responsible for overseeing these operations, what tools will you use, and how do you determine what privacy impacts your new products and services will have? A privacy impact assessment (PIA) in conjunction with data mapping practices to understand how data flows through an…

Video: Privacy, Anonymity and De-Identification in the Age of Big Data

For most privacy and data protection laws across the globe, “identifiability” is a crucial threshold question that determines whether laws apply or not. In the age of big data, with improved techniques and technologies for re-identification, the collection and use of supposedly anonymous information is a growing challenge. Some would say it is even a fiction. In this session, we will look closely at the concept of “identifiable” from a cross-jurisdictional perspective and at these new technologies to discuss best practices…

Video: Standardizing Data Breach Response: State of The Art

The speech will cover the recent progress made by ISO - International Standard Organization - in the field of Incident and Data Breach Response, In the past 36 months 5 standards have been published, with the purpose of providing practitioners and evaluator a series of tools - based upon consensus - able to support Cyber Security Operations and Breach Response. The speaker, who is one of the Co-Editors of those standards, will give an overview on the entire spectrum, along with some insights on how to implement them within…

Webinar: Using ISACA’s Privacy Principles to Create an Effective Privacy Program

To help information security, privacy and compliance professionals architect and implement the best security and privacy practices for your organization, Rebecca Herold, lead developer and author of ISACA's Privacy Principles and Program Management Guide, provides an overview of the 14 principles and explain the importance for each business, in any country, to implement them within their own organizations.

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