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Everything You Need to Know About Maintaining Cybersecurity in the Time of Corona

In recent years, the problems connected to cybercrime have increased. Cybercrooks have come up with numerous ways to breach the security lines and execute their mission. That is why a lot of money has been invested in developing even more efficient measures against cybercrime that would guarantee to stay safe while online. It seems that maintaining cybersecurity in the time of corona has become more important than ever. Especially in business. Measuring data privacy risks is something that many companies have put their focus on. This time of chaos appears to be the perfect opportunity for unconscionable criminals to act.

Risks lie at every corner

The average person might be surprised at all the ways that cybercriminals manage to compromise online privacy. One of the most efficient ways is through BEC scams. The users should be aware of the possible threat and know what they shouldn’t reply to any mail from a suspicious sender. It’s very possible that the sender’s first mail is without ill intention but to just get an insight into the situation. But they secretly hope that someone will send a reply. And that’s the moment to strike and plant a seed of a malicious virus. Of course, it is all coated in an offer of some sort of service, or a gift card for which you will need to leave your personal information. If you ever see something like this, know it’s spam.

A lot of people have noticed that they received emails from so-called representatives of local health agencies and institutions of the same sort. Their only aim is phishing credentials and endangering recipients’ online safety. It’s no wonder that there are billions of stolen passwords on the web. In the light of recent events regarding the coronavirus, there have been campaigns advertising the latest news about this disease but which deliver Flash Player updates. Nothing would be wrong with it if it weren’t malicious kind of updates. This once again urges the need of maintaining cybersecurity in the time of coronavirus. And while these ill-intentioned people are on a mission of finding new, creative ways of robbing our online identity, it is our job to do everything we can to impede these actions.

Ensuring safety protocols such as VPN apps are in place

One of the biggest concerns regarding breaching the safety protocols is among businesspeople. Since most of the employees are sent to work from home, it creates an unfavorable situation for many of them to keep working in the same manner, with similar intensity as well as efficiency. This is why the companies are racing to supply the employees with technologies that will keep them safe online while not impeding their continuous operation at work. Even from home. Introducing the benefits of a VPN system, as well as other helpful systems such as cloud interfaces or end-point protection makes a world of difference.

Getting hand in hand with all the features that the VPN system provides you with will only help your business stay stable and even progress during the state of emergency.

Equip yourself with multifactor authentication

For those of you who haven’t yet gotten familiar with the functionality of multifactor authentication (MFA), it is highly recommendable to do it as fast as possible. Employees working from home will be able to access different kinds of applications and networks without the fear that someone is lurking behind the corner and waiting to set up a virus or perform any other sort of cybercrime. It will be most useful for those who are working on critical positions such as money transfer. The teams of people specialized in cybersecurity will specifically see the good results from using this technology, especially the application gateways.

Adapting facility-based applications to remote access

There’s also the issue with facility-based applications. These applications are normally available solely onsite at their belonging organizations’ facilities. However, due to coronavirus pandemic, companies needed to find a way to get these applications functional for work from home as well. But it’s not all that easy. These applications need to be protected with special controls. The best way to protect your business and private information and to access all the assets is by activating VPN and using MFA along with it.

Stay away from websites with weak security

The problem with COVID-19 that we are all battling together has created space for many to come up with new websites where they would deliver the newest information. More often than not, these newly created websites don’t contain the necessary security mechanisms and are the perfect ground for cyberattackers to deliver malware. They are doing it via drive-by downloads. We urge you not to download any kind of application from these websites as they can easily contain malware. Once installed, this malware will steal all your confidential data, credit card information, you name it. Another possible form of attack is by locking your system until a necessary amount of money is paid to the cybercrook. Therefore, be with eyes wide open.

It is undeniable that the extended time of working from home has created great cybersecurity risks. Also, that is most noticeable among those workers who still haven’t started using VPN software. We have to also take stress into consideration as one of the factors that cause people to make wrong decisions and simply ignore the safety risks just for the sake of finishing their work as soon as possible. But maintaining cybersecurity in the time of corona should always be on everyone’s mind no matter if you are a part of the business world or not.


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