Conventional Access Control Death - A New Era for Data Privacy
Conventional Access Control Death - A New Era for Data Privacy

Conventional Access Control Death: A New Era for Data Privacy

The current technological landscape, including the rise of Cloud and Internet Of Things, is leading to a new trend for privacy policies. Conventional access control practices are not suitable anymore for their implementation. New approaches are required to enforce all the security requirements with digital privacy policies.

Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) is supposed to be adopted by 70% of organizations in 2020, as per Gartner. ABAC offers flexibility in access control through concepts like subject, environment or object attributes. ABAC considers features like time, role or IP address to define the context and then takes access decisions. The approach is based on Boolean rules evaluating the group of attributes in alignment with the policies. Privacy aspect remains a concern around attributes handling and policy digital definition. Security professionals will be responsible for modelling optimal policies with a high-level privacy.

This session will explain the technological impact on conventional access control approaches. It will describe new access control methods in alignment with futuristic privacy policies modelling. The session will, in addition, give security professionals a better understanding of their options while ongoing technological transformations.

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