Grappling with the IoT, Disruptive Technology and Cloud of Things in the Context of Singapore’s Smart Nation

Presented at Data Privacy Asia 2016 conference

Singapore is gearing up to be the world’s first Smart Nation. This vision entails ubiquitous efficient connectivity for individuals and for devices on a machine-to-machine basis, whereby businesses can innovate with new solutions and human lives are bettered. At the same time, corporate businesses are embracing this digital age with new disruptive technologies, leveraging on the Internet of Things, and cloud solutions. New realms of doing business are emerging with the technologization of everything, from Fintech, Medtech, Healthtech to LogTech, to name a few. A common thread across all these initiatives is the need to collect and comprehend vast amounts of data, some of which could be personally identifiable information. How do all these square with individuals’ growing concern over the privacy of their personal data and the ability to secure such data in this age of ‘data-terrorism’?

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