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Aviation IT Giant SITA Breached in Extensive Supply Chain Attack; Frequent Flier Programs of Major Airlines Compromised

The SITA incident is a very significant supply chain attack, with a number of major airlines reporting that their frequent…

8 mins ago

Over Half of Fortune 500 Companies Are Leaving Sensitive Information Open to Reconnaissance via Document Metadata

PDF document metadata can contain a variety of information that provides attackers with the reconnaissance details they need to execute…

6 hours ago

EU Agency for Cybersecurity Says Autonomous Vehicles Highly Vulnerable to Various Cybersecurity Challenges

The EU Agency for Cybersecurity says that autonomous vehicle manufacturers should address various cybersecurity challenges before venturing on European roads.

11 hours ago

Important Details About Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a platform that provides educational content allowing learners to study at their own pace. It was created…

3 days ago

Over 6,700 VMware Servers With Remote Code Execution Security Bug Exposed to the Internet

Mass scanning activity targeting VMware servers with the remote code execution security bug after a Chinese researcher released proof of…

3 days ago

The Growing Problem of Marketing Fraud: Bots Pose as Legitimate Internet Users to Fake Traffic, Milk Digital Advertising Services

Report from White Ops demonstrates that marketing fraud is growing, but that many in the online advertising space may not…

3 days ago

macOS Malware Silver Sparrow Affects About 40,000 Macs Running Both Intel and ARM Chips

Red Canary researchers said Silver Sparrow macOS malware infecting about 40,000 Macs using both Intel and ARM chips could deliver…

4 days ago

New York Cyber Task Force Report Identifies Near-Term Cyber Defense Challenges, Calls for Increased Government and Private Industry Collaboration

Report prepared by the New York Cyber Task Force examines the leading cyber defense challenges and finds that coordination between…

4 days ago

New Polling Reveals Increasingly Negative Views of Big Tech, Strong Public Support for Regulation

As of 2019, Big Tech companies were not particularly popular as a new poll shows that negative views have increased…

5 days ago

2018 California Net Neutrality Law Finally Clear to Be Enforced in Wake of Unsuccessful Challenge by Internet Providers

California‚Äôs 2018 net neutrality law will now be enforced after a challenge by the state's biggest internet providers was shot…

6 days ago