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Videos, eBooks and other useful resources to address the challenges faced by data protection, privacy and cybersecurity leaders.

Webinar: Using ISACA’s Privacy Principles to Create an Effective Privacy Program

To help information security, privacy and compliance professionals architect and implement the best security and privacy practices for your organization, Rebecca Herold, lead developer and author of ISACA's Privacy Principles and Program Management Guide, provides an overview of the 14 principles and explain the importance for each business, in any country, to implement them within their own organizations.

Data Protection Laws in Korea

South Korea has had a difficult run of data security breaches. The country has stepped up its data privacy regulation and is backed by extensive enforcement measures. What is the basic structure, its key features and enforcement measures? What are the recent changes and their implications?

Data Protection in Japan

The Act on the Protection of Personal Information was enacted in 2003. What does it entail and how is it enforced? What are the recent movements to the act? And why? What is the "My Number System" and what are the related impact on business in Japan?

An Accountability Approach to Compliance

Is it possible for organizations to demonstrate legal compliance obligations through existing privacy management programs and accountability documentation? Learn how organizations are attempting to map the activities in their internal privacy management programs to applicable laws and accountability mechanisms.

Cross Border Privacy Rules

Based on the 2004 APEC Privacy Framework, the APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules (CBPR) system was developed to build consumer, business and regulator trust in cross border flows of personal information. Hear how this system can benefit the Asian regulators, business and most importantly, protect consumers.

Securing Our Future

As connected devices open new opportunities for imagination, they also open up new opportunities for online criminals. Where are we today? And where are we going? And how are we ever going to secure a billion new devices that will be going online over the next decade?