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Every business that collects data will have the Insights, Prediction, Action dilemma it confronts. And for that we need a regulatory framework to set boundaries. Am I allowed to dream on? Let’s not wait for regulations. An industry sponsored consortium putting consumer rights and privacy front and center.
Ashwin Krishnan

Ashwin Krishnan is a technology industry expert with over two decades of experience in cybersecurity and cloud technologies. The author of Mobile Security for Dummies. A recognized thought leader, he is a regular columnist with, ITSPMagazine, ThriveGlobal, CPO Magazine and Qrius. He also regularly contributes to other publications including,, ,,,,, He is also frequently quoted in publications like, DigitalGuardian,,, EnterpriseProject, MRC & His speaking engagements include Mobile World Congress, CSA World Congress, ISACA, RSA Security Conference, VMWorld, Telecom Industry Association, and Product Camp Silicon Valley.

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