Smart Grid Cybersecurity 2020

31 March – 2 April | Berlin, Germany

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Smart Grid Cybersecurity 2020

As the grid modernises, the design of utility cybersecurity solutions need to be rethought to defend against the evolving capabilities of potential attackers. A huge difficulty lies in the selection process of available technologies. This comes with the bigger challenges of implementing and operating these new technologies to harmonise with existing internal utility services. As a result, Smart Grid Forum’s Smart Grid Cybersecurity 2020 conference has been created to solve the strategic, application, implementation, and configuration issues in the face of the new emerging threats and challenges.

As digitisation, DER integration and cloud solutions are rolled out across the network, the vulnerability of the network is increasing exponentially. Associated cybersecurity risk becomes a bigger priority with more access points for malicious threat actors. The IEC have taken this issue into their own hands with the ongoing development of the IEC 62351. This aims to provide holistic guidelines to manage cybersecurity risks associated with communication protocols. The standard advises a variety of approaches to comprehensively safeguard smart grid systems, including encryption and role-based access control as well as established IT security technology such as VPNs and firewalls. Optimal implementation of this crucial standard will be clarified at Smart Grid Cybersecurity 2020.

“Having spoken to a number of European TSOs and DSOs during our research, it has become apparent that there is a large disparity between the level of cybersecurity robustness currently deployed, and what is required to protect the grid,” says Smart Grid Cybersecurity conference producer Oliver Crabtree. “Utilities are attempting to stay on top of developments and ensure their systems are secure against the latest threats, however the moving target of cybersecurity resilience means that a number of utilities are in danger of falling behind. A huge range of vendor solutions have been developed with aim to improve cybersecurity of IT and OT systems. However, the staggering variety of options and myriad of compatibility issues mean guidance is often essential when designing your cybersecurity solution.”

It is clear that the best cybersecurity strategy is one that is up-to-date and that provides comprehensive coverage against all kinds of threat actors. Utilities must therefore find out about the latest developments from industry leaders and ensure that they aren’t leaving themselves open to attacks. This forum provides an opportunity to do just that, seeking to elucidate the current challenges and provide a venue whereby security solutions that are being implemented can be presented and discussed.

To enable the industry to overcome these challenges, Smart Grid Cybersecurity 2020 will showcase 14+ utility grid operator use cases through an in-depth and meticulously researched programme. They will outline their implementation success that attendees can take back to implement in their own organisation. Alongside this, the high-level CISO panel will ensure attendees gain a thorough understanding of the challenges CISOs are looking to solve, as well as vital information on supplier relationship management to ensure security by design in future smart grid solutions.

Attendees will gain unique insights into the factors influencing their choice of cybersecurity solutions and the steps they took to ensure collaboration between specialists from the OT and IT fields. You will learn about the technical, organisational, and cultural barriers to achieving robust end-to-end cybersecurity, and how to overcome these. Alongside the technical information presented, the conference will bring together a carefully curated gathering of the most innovative, cutting-edge vendors as identified in our research. Attendees will be able to assess the most suitable solutions to their needs which are currently on the market and start to further enhance their cybersecurity resilience.

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Discussion topics include:
  • Utility Panel: Role and Responsibility of CISO
  • Digitisation
  • IT OT Convergence
  • NIS Directive
  • Technology Innovation Panel: Security by Design
  • Substation Security
  • SCADA & Control Systems
  • Smart Metering Security
  • Cloud Security
  • IoT Security
  • DER Security
  • Prevention, Detection and Response
Speakers include:
  • Indrek Kunnapuu – CISO – Elektrilevi
  • Alexandrer Harsch – Head of Cybersecurity – Innogy
  • Ivo Maritz – CISO – BKW Energie
  • Tim Joosten – Cybersecurity Consultant – Alliander (Qirion)
  • Anjos Nijk – Director – ENCS
  • Bas Kruimer – Director of Intelligent Networks & Communication – DNV GL
  • Dragomir Vatkov – Security Architect – Innogy
  • Chaitanya Bisale – Cybersecurity Manager – Siemens
  • Ovidiu Serban – Senior Intelligent Networks consultant – DNV GL
  • Brad Prent – Senior Security Consultant – ENCS


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