5 Priorities for Banks to Secure the Post-Pandemic Shift Towards Digital and Mobile Channels

The financial sector, state and federal government agencies, as well as consumers are being targeted with various types of fraud,…

2 weeks ago

Post COVID-19: Trends for the Next Normal

Even if the battle is won against COVID-19, the next normal will be different. Here are some lessons learned and…

3 weeks ago

Identity Theft Doubled During the Pandemic as Fraudsters Targeted COVID-19 Relief Payments

The FTC reported that identity theft doubled during the pandemic as scammers targeted COVID-19 relief payments to individuals and government-sponsored…

3 weeks ago

Lessons From TraceTogether: Citizens Are Happy To Hand Over Data So Long as Use Is Transparent

By putting TraceTogether’s data terms in context and increasing their transparency with citizens, the government has an opportunity to win…

1 month ago

DDoS Attacks Increased Rapidly During the COVID-19 Pandemic as Hackers Exploited New Tools and Techniques

A10 Networks found an increase in DDoS attacks during the COVID-19 pandemic as attackers exploited new DDoS tools, 5G networks,…

1 month ago

Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine Data Stolen From European Medicines Agency’s Server Leaked Online

Documents related to Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine data stolen from European Medicines Agency's server were leaked online. EMA said participants' personal…

1 month ago

Ensuring a Safe Return To the Office With Modern Visitor Management Systems

By proactively monitoring guest and tenant access and assisting in COVID risk assessment, visitor management systems can help ensure a…

2 months ago

Black Swans and GDPR: Ensuring Security and Compliance in Challenging Times

How organizations can maintain a strong security and compliance posture during the ‘new normal’ of remote working?

3 months ago

Building AB685 Compliant Contact-Tracing Systems Using Existing Security Technologies

As the enforcement date for AB685 approaches and employees return to offices, organizations should look into using their existing SIEM…

4 months ago

Engaging Remote Workers to Defend Information and Systems With Gamification

Phishing, BEC and social engineering scams work particularly well on employees who are working from home and has become a…

4 months ago