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4 Simple Features That Every Contact Center Must Have

A customer contact center is a must-have for organizations throughout many industries. It helps businesses resolve their customers’ questions and problems efficiently and quickly. But do they always work that well? Only if they also provide crucial features that any contact center worth its salt should have.

1. Omnichannel customer engagement

It’s 2020 and companies across the world are using many means of communication to connect with their customers. But the management of this can become tricky as the number of communication channels grows, and the data may not sync easily.

This is one reason why contact centers must facilitate omnichannel engagement and enable customers to manage their customer experience across their preferred channels of choice without disruption.

One simple way of making sure that your contact center has this feature is by choosing a qualified cloud contact center service like UniVoIP. Its advanced features allow contact centers to engage, monitor, and proactively service customers to improve overall satisfaction and retention rates.

2. Call recording

Another essential feature that every contact center must have is a call recording option.

But what makes this feature so crucial for your company’s customer service helpline? Well, let’s imagine a scenario where your contact center receives a call from a customer. Your representative attends to the customer and tries to solve their problems. Makes sense.

But do all customer care calls end up with good vibes? Not really! Sometimes, the argument about who said what may occur. In the end, you can’t afford to lose your customers based on a who-said-what conversation.

Call recording can act as a verbal contract between your customers and agents, and in cases of disputes, the feature makes it possible to relive the conversation and offer concrete evidence to verify any claims. These authentic recordings simplify preserving company reputation and safeguards against unwarranted claims against services rendered.

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3. Forecasting

An essential part of contact center management is preparation and planning, and without proper insights and reporting, supervisors can’t plan, right?

Well, forecasting enables supervisors to access historical data from both voice and multimedia queues – providing average transaction traffic by day of the week, by media, as well as by historic manned agents and handling statistics for user-selected intervals of time.

Your supervisors can develop forecasts based on historic contact center volumes and manually adjust various modifiers to generate hypothetical or future anticipated traffic scenarios, optimizing the balance between the agents required to handle the anticipated traffic with the expected handling time, wrap up time and service level objectives.

So, when you’re actively examining and forecasting on contact center trends, you are taking a systematic approach to customer experience management.

4. Quality monitoring

If your contact center has ever undergone quality issues, you know about the need for a smart monitoring system. The idea is to eradicate problems before they even occur.

How can that be achieved? By being aware of the mistakes that have been made in the past and making sure that they aren’t repeated again.

One simple way of doing this is by gaining insights into your service with screen recording. When contact center supervisors utilize screen recording throughout the quality improvement process, they are not only isolating system breakdowns that affect agent productivity levels but are also uncovering efficiencies that shave time off of each customer interaction.

Final words

Smart planning and management for your company’s customer contact center are undoubtedly important for keeping customers close and building a good brand reputation. However, if your customer contact center lacks some vital features, it may not be able to serve the purpose.


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