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5 Benefits of Using a VPN for Safer Online Shopping

The technology revolution will never stop to amaze people. It is so weird to think about how we did not know a thing about smartphones twenty years ago and we cannot imagine our lives without it now. Yet, like everything in the world, technology, and the World Wide Web, in particular, have their issues. Aside from its obvious influence on health, both mental and physical, it also brings another big threat to our lives: our information being leaked.

Security and privacy concerns are discussed daily. People put tape on their web cameras, go out of their way to create and remember strong passwords, and some avoid the Internet at all costs. They have their reasons. First of all, isn’t it weird how we say something and then an ad about it pops up on our social media? Does it mean that someone is eavesdropping? The most common fear is, however, to become a victim of a hacker attack.

With online banking and shopping going strong, fraud is moving online. We were afraid of our wallets being stolen but thieves do not need violence and sneaking around anymore – they may get our money sitting comfortably at home.

It does sound scary but people came up with a solution. You can avoid online fraud by using a VPN.

What is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Personal Network and it creates a private network. VPN allows your online activities to be untraceable by masking your Internet Protocol. It provides you with secure and encrypted connections and a possibility to be anonymous, consequently, your data can not be leaked to any other third-parties. Your privacy is significantly protected when you use a VPN service.

Security is especially needed when it comes to online shopping. The US alone faced 1,473 data breaches in 2019. It resulted in 164,68 million records exposed! The most common reasons why data is being leaked is poor payment security. Thus, it mostly happens when you put in your credit card details.

There are a lot of shady sites and it is understandable why data breaches happen there. However, even the biggest online shops like Amazon and eBay cannot provide security to every user. Nowhere feels safe. Luckily, a VPN service can help with that.

However, the security of your passwords and credit card details is not the only benefit that VPN has. We have found 5 additional benefits. Keep on reading and find out how VPN makes your online shopping experience better than ever before!

#1 Gain access to unavailable shops

Many online shops are not available in particular countries due to government restrictions or the absence of a shop in various territories. It causes a lot of trouble for online shoppers and dedicated brand fans.

It is so stressful to see a thing that you like so badly that you are ready to give out everything you have but you cannot even enter a shop where it is being sold. Buying from resellers is not the best option either: they sell overpriced items or fake products. Imagine buying sneakers from a famous brand for its original price but getting a fake cheap version of it that probably costs nothing. VPN definitely will help you out here.

This benefit is also essential for those who travel or go to live abroad. “You may live in one country for a long time and not even realize that you have the privilege of buying from certain shops. It is quite surprising to find out that your beloved shop is not available in your travel destination” says cybersecurity consultant and essay writer Caroline Berger. What if it happens during a big sale? Use a VPN service and do not stress over not having access to your favorite brand.

#2 Use any payment system you prefer

PayPal, for example, is a beloved payment system by way too many amazing shops. However, the system is not available to everybody. For example, it is unavailable in Maldives, Belarus, Nepal, etc. Consequently, it may happen that you have access to the shop but you do not have an opportunity to pay for your purchase. VPN helps you here too: you can choose any spot where PayPal is available and get your desired things!

#3 Get cheaper flight tickets

At this point, it is obvious to everyone that there is something interesting going on with flight tickets. Whenever you google the same flight twice, the price just gets higher. It may also happen that looking up information about some city and country is enough for an increase in price since companies use cookies.

Moreover, it does matter where you are when you search for tickets. If it is a low-income country, tickets are slightly cheaper.

VPN allows you to hide the traces of your numerous searches for ticket prices and can make the technology believe that you are looking for tickets while being in Mongolia. It will save you tons of money in the long run and give you a possibility to consider travel destinations all you want. It also just feels good to know these little tricks!

#4 Get on new social media platforms

Many brands launch their advertisement campaigns on specific social media platforms. It makes sense if their target audience spends time there. Advertisement often includes the announcement of new products, season sales, coupons, or promo codes. If you want to get access to all the benefits but the platform is not available in your country, VPN will help you to bypass the borders once again.

#5 Enjoy Amazon Prime videos

There is no doubt that the US and UK have the biggest Amazon Prime libraries out there but it does not mean that these libraries contain everything. You see, Amazon lists movies that you can watch based on your location and every location has something very unique that is not available to others. You will be surprised by the variety of content that is hidden from you.

If you are tired of your accessible list or you just want to explore other cultures, unblock Amazon Prime Video with a VPN. It hides your IP and thus, Amazon cannot detect where you are watching from. However, Amazon blocked a lot of VPNs so invest time into finding the one that works. Newly acquired exciting movies are totally worth it!


VPN is a real gem when it comes to online shopping and you miss out a lot if you do not use it. It secures your bank details and saves you from hackers that can leave you without a penny. It gives you a great variety of shops and you can get your hands on the most exclusive products all around the world. It saves your money by giving you access to sales and cheaper flight tickets. You can also spend your time more enjoyable by watching movies from all over the world. As you see, VPN provides an amazing customer experience. So what are you waiting for?


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