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5 Ways To Stay Safe When Gambling Online

The iGaming industry has been enjoying escalating popularity across the globe in recent years. With the sector taking in greater sums of money, however, unscrupulous actors are always waiting in the wings to try and steal themselves an ill-gotten piece of the pie.

In fact, a recent report found that identity fraud and theft were both on the rise in the online gambling industry. However, this doesn’t mean that you should shy away from the pastime if it’s one you enjoy – but rather you should take a few basic precautions to protect yourself online. Here’s a handful of ways in which you can boost your cyber security defenses and leave those hackers out in the cold.

Choose a respected casino operator

First and foremost, it’s important to ensure that the gambling site with which you place your bets and to whom you entrust your money is a legitimate enterprise. You can identify a safe and secure casino by reading its responsible gambling disclosure and checking if it is affiliated with the relevant gambling authorities in your country. If in doubt, you can also search for reviews from existing customers of the site to check its service – and its security – is up to scratch.

Verify the site’s safety

Aside from the legitimacy of the operator, you’ll want to make sure that the actual domain is fully secured. It’s a simple enough process to do this – simply look for a https:// protocol at the beginning of its address (as opposed to a http:// one), since this indicates that it has a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certification. You can also do this by searching for a small padlock in the address bar, which should be located just before the address itself.

Create a strong password

After satisfying yourself that the site you plan to use is secure, the next step is making sure that your own behavior doesn’t leave any chinks in your cyber security armor. That means creating log-in credentials that include a strong password. This must be something that is unguessable by other people, including those who know you well. A random combination of letters and numbers, including both lowercase and uppercase characters, is a good bet for an uncrackable password.

Steer clear of public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi networks can be a lifesaver if you need directions, want to check train times or find out another crucial piece of information while on the move. However, as a general rule of thumb, the flow of data should only ever be coming in your direction on public networks. Be wary of inputting your log-in details for any site while surfing a public access system, and certainly do not share your sensitive info (such as bank details) over such a precarious infrastructure.

Consider cryptocurrency

Your payment protocols should comprise the main focus of your attention when it comes to staying safe online, since cyber criminals are likely to target your wallet. While a respectable casino will safeguard any transactions you make, you could protect yourself even further by using a decentralized cryptocurrency which is ringfenced by robust blockchain technology. Although still in its growth stage, cryptocurrency is likely to become the payment method of choice in future and offers a plethora of security advantages compared to conventional tender.

Follow these five tips when gambling online and you’ll achieve complete peace of mind that you can flirt with Lady Luck at your favorite casino – without leaving the security of your identity and your assets up to chance.


Staff Writer at CPO Magazine