Man in business suit holding laptop computer tight showing data privacy concerns

An Overview for 2020: Data Privacy Concerns

Half of the people on internet feel that their personal data is not secured and the other half don’t understand the seriousness of data privacy.

As we all know every individual holds two types of data mainly his/her personal and professional data. One with all your personal information like email address, phone number, credit card information, birthdate, social security number etc.

Professional data includes all your work data like Excel sheets, Outlook, Word documents and other various work files. It is highly recommended to protect your personal and professional data.

Due to many unforeseen issues like corruption, system crash or virus intrusion you may lose your personal/professional data through your operating system or mobile device. In such a situation you will need a help of reliable Data Recovery Software like Remo Recover.

What can misuse of personal or professional data lead to?

Data privacy and protection is a very sensitive issue as it withholds all the personal information and professional data of an individual. Your data being exposed in the wrong hands can be misused for various reason.

Moving into 2020, personal security also means exercising caution in other areas that may pose a risk. For example, facial and voice recognition can also be used to breach your personal security.

It is essential for you to safeguard your personal / professional data from all the odds on the internet. It is the responsibility of every individual to protect your data. Don’t simply think that data protection laws will be there for you. Let us now understand what exactly happens when your data falls into the wrong hands.

  1. Extract your information about your company/ business or your work methodology
  2. They can hack into your social media accounts and misuse it for various purpose
  3. If your credit card / financial details are into the wrong hands they will be able to hack into your financial privacy and access your bank and other financial utilities.

Why is data privacy essential?

In order to evade any such unforeseen circumstances, we recommend you to always protect your data by not sharing your personal/professional details with another individual.

You also need to understand that huge organisations and platforms like Facebook, Instagram and others do not provide you with 100% guarantee of data protection. You will be responsible for the data you provide on any of these platforms.

In March 2018, Google discovered a bug in its Google Plus API that was allowing third-party developers access to the personal data of millions of Google Plus users. Due to many unforeseen circumstance like these it is essential to keep your data as safe as possible.

In the section below let us understand how not to fall prey for data threats on the internet, by following these small and simple methodologies you will be able to evade the chances of your data being hacked.

How to protect your personal or professional data?

In the below section let us get into the details of data protection/ privacy from cyber criminals.

  1. Do not access your personal data or financial information using a public Wi-Fi.
  2. Turn off GPS or location when it is not required.
  3. Choose apps wisely to avoid those with malicious intent.
  4. Use password, code or encryption for any important personal, professional or financial data.
  5. Think twice before clicking on any link or attachments online.
  6. Keep changing your passwords frequently.
  7. Do not use the same password for multiple platforms.


While you cannot completely eradicate all the data threats by following the above methodologies, you will be able to lessen the chances of your data being stolen or hacked by cyber criminals and hackers.


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