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Gaming Industry Moving to Become More Secure Through the Use of Technology

The gaming industry continues to evolve, with more and more being implemented to advance the offerings. But with this growth online, comes the need to increase security to ensure that gamers are being kept safe online ,and their personal information is being stored securely, eliminating the risk of it being stolen. Online software providers including Microgaming and Playtech, as well as other stakeholders in the industry are working tirelessly to provide a safe platform for players, through the growth in new defence technologies. As the use of online casinos increases, especially in the wake of the covid-19 epidemic, so too does the opportunity for hackers, and fraudsters. Security is something that needs to be taken seriously, and applied at first hand.

There have always been security features, with traditional methods including the likes of handheld bar code readers, recordkeeping, ID checks and even floor presence check points – the latter a common security measure for casino floors. However, the growth of technology on a whole has meant that the same has needed to be done with these processes, but in an online format. An example being with Fake IDs, which were commonly used and passed without detection in the past. There are now document readers that are picking these up and are equipped to detect a fake bar code – the technology using a number of light sources, which can check for the security markings that will always be included on authentic documents. There are also advanced algorithms that can detect if an ID has been government issued, so this all helps to advance the overall security measures in casinos and other establishments using this process.

Another security measure that has evolved and is now widely used by gamers, and on our mobile devices, is facial recognition. This has been one of the major improvements in the last decade for speed and accuracy in helping to improve security measures. It is now very much incorporated into regular measures and the whole system has advanced, due to the increase in machine learning – it is a process that continues to help technology advance on a whole. Machine learning always advances, with algorithms changing, in order to help combat the rising issues around security, with scammers advancing their own methods to order to try and counter these measures.

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Document authentication is also now being added in order to help strengthen security measures – another process that is common in casinos and across the gaming industry as a whole. At casinos, for example, by incorporating this process, you are adding that extra important layer of security. Document authentication also helps with eradicating the potential for human error, which is common with the use of the previously mentioned fake IDs. This is also becoming all the more important for bigger destination casinos, who have people visiting from all over the globe, using a host of different forms of identification.

Facial recognition also provides a unique value as a means of security, as it can not only help with access management but also surveillance. One of the basic forms of facial recognition is helping with self-enrolment. This helps for casinos to verify the different people that are entering their establishments and trying to pass through with their specific IDs. These machines can now do this on their own and a human is now no longer needed to interfere with the overall process.

One of the key reasons for the implementation of security measures, is for surveillance. Again, facial recognition plays a major role for this and especially on casino floors around the world. They work by creating images, which are added into a database and can even pick up images within a room of 10s of thousands of people. This is usually the case in casinos, which is why these are so important to stop scams and crime from taking place. They can pick up if some unusual activity is taking place and matched with security officers around the building, can result in a very secure process in general.

Furthermore, this has also resulted in the continued reduction of crime in general in these establishments around the world, as the cameras work as another pair of unbiased eyes on certain situations, which helps with easing people’s concerns when arriving at the destination. Every person upon entry will also be tracked with time and date stamps, which will also help with picking up any strange behaviour that is taking place over an extending period of time.

Facial technology is only set to advance and grow and become more and more popular throughout the gaming industry. There are a number of popular systems now being used such as Identix and Biosurveiliance – both of which cover the steps mentioned above and works by taking images of 30 points across the face, which helps with identification. This gives a key example of just how much this has advanced from scanned 2D images, to now 3D Facial mapping technology.

The future is certainly bright when it comes to security measures for gaming establishments around the world.


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