Woman holding tablet showing warning of cyber attack

How a Cyber Attack Can Lead To Physical Injuries

A cyber attack is an attack on a computer system usually done via the internet, but it can also be done manually. A common misconception is that a cyber attack is only virtual and has no tangible repercussions. However, a cyber attack can lead to a wide array of physical injuries depending on the cyber attack’s nature. The following is four ways in which a cyber attack can lead to physical injuries:

Attack on the HVAC system

Many modern HVAC systems are smart systems meaning that they are primarily controlled using computers. One way in which a cyber attack can lead to a physical injury is by attacking the HVAC system responsible for purifying the air in a home or business. Once the air in a building is compromised, it can lead to many physical injuries and diseases. It will negatively affect people’s lungs; it may cause some people to faint and injure themselves. The mold and bacteria that arise due to a damaged HVAC system are also hazardous.

Attack on power grid/plant

One of the most potent cyber-attacks that can occur is on a power grid or plant. Such a power grid may serve for a small town or large city, causing varying degrees of injury. If the power plant is a nuclear one, it can lead to radiation poisoning and many other physical disorders. A lawyer will be vital in helping you get restitution. Otherwise, the injuries will leave you in dire straits. The effects of a malfunction in a power grid or power plant can be devastating. It may involve people getting electrocuted and may even result in death.

Attack on motor vehicle

Car accidents are one of the most common causes of physical injuries. When computer systems mainly control a car, a cyber attack can lead to debilitating accidents. Such a cyber-attack could affect many aspects of the vehicle. If the attack affects many cars on the road, it can lead to serious road carnage in which many people are killed. A cyber attack on such a vehicle could also be personal and targeted, leading to broken bones, internal damage, or death.

Attack on sewerage plant

Many towns in the world have computerized sewerage systems. Though it does make them more efficient and cheaper, it does make them prone to cyber attacks by malevolent hackers. A cyber attack on a sewerage plant can be devastating. The sewerage plant treats water and puts it back in circulation, so it is very dangerous if it is untreated.

It can lead to a host of physical injuries, including deadly diseases. If the sewerage system is compromised to the point of flooding, the damage can be worse still. There have been several cases of compromised sewerage systems the world over.

A cyber attack can be just as devastating as a physical one or even more. Damaging a computerized system affects many people and can cause injuries to more people than a physical attack. Cyber attacks can affect more areas than the ones mentioned above and cause a lot of damage. The physical injuries can be severe and last for years.


Staff Writer at CPO Magazine