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How To Protect Your Personal Data in 2021?

The topic of data breaches and cyber-attacks has been trending for the past few years, and there are reasons to believe it is not going anywhere in 2021. Millions of consumers become victims of hackers that take advantage of even the smallest flaws in your security shield. Even though businesses invest vast sums of money into the security of their systems, cyber criminals find new tricky ways to obtain valuable personal data of customers.

The simplest way to protect your data is by installing a simple cheap proxy from a reliable proxy-store that would act as a middle-man between the user and websites he browses. Once you have done that, there are further steps that will help you master personal data protection in 2021:

Regularly update your mobile applications and device software

All of us are guilty of skipping an update on our devices; however, according to IT experts having your device and apps regularly updated protects your personal data from being hacked. The reason being is that the developers continuously work on improving the security of their applications and require users to regularly update their devices to be in line with the latest security innovations. We all live busy lives and tend to forget about such minor things, fortunately, the software allows to turn on automatic updates, making our lives easier and safer at the same time!

Overlook information that you share with others

Another way of putting your personal data at risk is by oversharing information on your social media platforms. Social networking sites can become a weak spot for a user that shares too much personal information online, especially when it is available for everyone to access. Cybercriminals take advantage of profiles with stated date and place of birth, name of streets that you lived on and other significant information that could be used to hack your online accounts. Additionally, keeping track of the platforms that you use is vital. Make sure to delete your accounts on media that you stopped using, as they might be targeted more efficiently.

Setting up a strong password is essential

Coming up with a password that reminds you of an important date or a person in your life is easy and memorable; however, it most definitely will place your personal data at risk. All reliable websites ask their users to create a more complicated password that will contain letters, numbers and sometimes symbols. This is a simple step that businesses undertake to ensure the security of their customers. Also, experts advise to ensure that users do not use the same password for their online accounts. In case a hacker obtains the password, it would be almost effortless to gain access to your personal data on other services. Finally, do remember that changing your password at least once a year will further protect your information from online fraud.

Ensure your wi-fi is protected

Having a secure wireless internet network is essential for both businesses and individuals. Networks that require no physical contact are in greater danger. Setting up a password and encrypting your wi-fi prevents your home or organisation’s internet from being used by unauthorised devices. You never know whether someone is just fishing for a free internet hotspot or a hijacker trying to steal your personal information.


Nowadays, with the amount of information that is being transferred online, it has become crucial to undertake measures to secure it. Luckily, the experts share their advice publicly, and you do not have to be an IT genius to protect your personal data.


Staff Writer at CPO Magazine