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How to Protect Your Personal Information While Playing Online Casino Games

The online casino industry is very lucrative and has many people around the globe login into their devices to sign up and play their favourites games such as poker and table games. But how do you protect yourself and your identity from fraudsters and hackers who work day and night to steal people’s data? Online crime can be widely defined as unauthorized or illegal modification or copying of someone’s information. It is usually classified around financial theft, data theft or computer hacking, malicious sabotage and espionage. These activities are harmful and criminal acts.

Whenever people indulge on their favourite entertainment online they are exposing themselves to hacking techniques that involve attempts to access the backup memory boards of gaming machines by using various methods such as boot tracing and many more. These techniques allow hackers full control of the gaming machines to start their manipulation and malicious act.

Many gaming websites in Australia, UK and Canada have recently faced denial-of-service (DDoS) attack from hackers in an attempt to take control of the website or steal gaming data in the same way as the high roller online casinos gaming websites. Online casino players are urged to be more vigilant when they play online to ensure they are not a victim to these attacks which can compromise their data. Consumers of gaming entertainment are urged to be vigilant before they sign up with the online casino providers. Consumers can look for indications such as the licensing on the bottom of the website (footer) and all online gaming websites should have HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). The consumers should refrain from unlicensed gaming websites to protect their data and their entertainment experiences. Brands such as Paddy Powers, Inter Casino, Corals and Willian Hills have had their websites shut down and their gaming activities suspended for hours due to hacking.

The malicious activities also include cloning of original websites to defraud clients using various techniques. The online casino gaming business is exposed to these attacks due to the lucrative money involved. The attacks are planned and organized to steal client’s data and expose gaming websites.

Consumer protection and security

This raises important issues regarding global states’ ability to regulate and effectively police the lucrative online gaming market. Moreover, countries can assist each other to clamp these malicious criminal acts of data theft and exposure of consumer data. Customers need to be equipped and know what is transpiring whenever they sign up or play online, there should be more information available for consumers regarding these hacking cases to help educate and eradicate the crime in the long run. Limited information is currently available around the techniques and the affected online casino websites. The attacks normally affect the consumer personal data, machines pay-outs and website takeover which ultimately questions the credibility of the casino brands or websites, as well as the licensing authorities and state legal authorities to deal with these attackers. This also questions the fairness in these games from a consumer perspective as they entrust online casinos with their money for a good experience.


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