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How to Work at a Coffee Shop and Not Get Hacked

How to Work at a Coffee Shop and Not Get Hacked

All of us, who use cell phones, computers, or similar devices with internet access, will face some annoying virus on our devices. Whether it’s because of us constantly opening advertisements on the desktop or because of it that our information is really compromised. Suitable places for something like this are cafes, as they usually use Wifi, which is almost 70% of the work done for hackers. Let’s see how not to get caught in the clutches of a hacker while working in a cafe and homegrounds.

Well choose Pare-feu

Every hacker thinks that there is no system that is 100% secure and that there is no computer that cannot be accessed. It’s only a matter of time. And that is the basis of the idea of protection against cybercrime. The more it can make it harder and the longer it takes for a hacker to take over a computer or information system.

Pare-feu is a kind of filter that regulates the input and output and blocks certain connections of your computer. In order for a hacker to hack into your computer, he must bypass Pare-feu, that is, to find an error and free passage. These errors and uncontrolled free passes are regularly corrected with the Pare-feu update. Therefore, they should be regularly accepted and worked on, no matter how long they lasted. If the virus does get past Pare-feu, there is an antivirus program that should be effective enough to block the virus. Experience says antiviruses that are sold are much more effective than non-paid ones.

Install the WPA2 key on your Wifi network or connection

There are various wifi keys. The WEP key is most widespread as it is the first choice on most computer equipment. Unfortunately, it is also the worst choice. A good hacker is able to break the WEP key in 3 to 5 minutes, while you are drinking coffee on the terrace of a coffee shop and you are connected to some free wifi network, while consulting your e-mails, a few meters away is a hacker, able to break into your smartphone or portable computer. Instead, it takes as long as 11 to 16 hours to crack a WPA 2 hacker key.

Paste a tape or a piece of paper onto your webcam

If, despite your actions, someone manages to get into your computer and take control, at least prevent that person from spying on you through your personal webcam. Namely, with his Trojan horse, hacker also had in control of the busy computer’s webcam and watching his victim. In one poll, the BBC revealed the existence of a special hacker website where hackers exchange images made by hacking other people’s computers. While some unscrupulous hackers sell the access codes to the webcams they hacked to voyeurs.

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Choose a complicated password and change it regularly

Many people use the same passcode for almost all accounts and email addresses. And that’s a big mistake. Once a passcode has been hacked, it is generally tried on other accounts and e-mails of the attacked person. Choose a complicated code made up of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. The programs used by hackers generally do not cover all of these variables. You should also know that there are programs that use vocabulary words and try those words as access codes at high speed. Using a “mountain” or “fortress” passcode will only make it easier for the hacker. Make sure you change your passwords regularly, every 3 months is already a good rhythm. In case you forget your password and it is sent to you by e-mail, be sure to delete that e-mail.


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