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Is Cell Phone Monitoring Software Leading to Massive Data Privacy Issues?

Surveillance and spying on someone are not the things we can only see in high-budget, action movies it has become our reality. These days it’s enough to have a mobile phone along with monitoring software to be able to collect a lot of information about someone.

What type of info can we get? A person can track location data, meaning your every move. This goes to show that the latest cell phones have turned into tracking devices that log info regarding your movements and locations during the day.

After this data is being recorded, it is being sent to third parties. Many people are not aware of this fact, hence, they have no idea how potentially dangerous it can be. For those of you who are not familiar with it, we have conducted a small research to provide you with proper information regarding this topic and it’s up to you to decide whether it’s harmful or not.

The things it can do

Monitor your messages

These are the things that are extremely private, and no one has the right to have an insight into them, that’s why you have to do what’s in your power to protect all your data, as well as all your SMS messages.

What does this include? Only the ones that you’ve received or the ones you’ve sent. Unfortunately, both. Those who are utilizing this software can see everything that was written in these messages, including the date and time stamps.

Monitor kids and your spouse

We are not sure whether your child or a partner would want to hide something from you, but if you are curious to find out, you can easily do that by installing this software. Moreover, you can efficiently have insight into the usage of their mobile phones.

For instance, if you are afraid that your lover is cheating on you, mobile phone tracking will help you get an answer to this question. On the other hand, if you are worried about your kids’ activities when you’re not with them, you can see what they are doing even when you are not together.

Other things that can be done with this software

Besides these two, these programs can do some other things that can be potentially harmful to those that are being spied on and we will list them:

  1. Get information about every single phone call that was made
  2. Acquire a list of all website that that person has visited
  3. Have an insight into his/her pictures, videos, calendars, and other personal data
  4. See all the emails, both sent and received
  5. GPS tracking

What is the most popular software?

The market offers many programs of this kind, however, not all of them are good. If you are eager to download the one that teaches people how to spy on a cell phone without getting caught, then you should use the one that does it properly. According to some experts, maybe the best choice is an application called FlexiSPY.

As we stated above, there are many of them that can provide you with good info when it comes to spying on a certain person, but it seems like this one does it the best. There are numerous versions of this program, the one that is developed for computers, android phones, and iPhones.

Furthermore, this program is packed with three subscription plans intended for different types of users – lite, premium, and extreme. Many people claim that for the time being, this is the most reliable software on the market.

Can you spy on someone without this application?

The answer is yes if you hire a private detective that is going to spy on that person. Jokes aside, you can do it and it’s not as difficult as you may think. It even doesn’t take too much time to collect the data on any mobile phone.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t refer to the phones that come with an Android operating system, however, if you have an iOS operating system it can be done. For instance, there is a program called Mobistealth monitoring application that allows you to spy on someone’s device.

How does it work? It has two strategies – the iBackup method and the iCloud method. Namely, you do not need to download this software. All you need is your Apple password and your ID. This means that you can get someone’s location, as well as their data by utilizing these two methods.

As you can see with various software, you can get various information about the person you are spying on. All these things are considered to be a huge part of their privacy. Whether it is right or wrong, it’s not up to us to judge or not, but up to those who decide to try out something like this. Everyone has their own pros and cons regarding these programs.


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