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New Legal Priorities Here to Stay: Data Security and Data Privacy

The digital world began to flourish upon the emergence of high-speed internet. Along with the innovations in the online world, data security and data privacy became a challenge. This is the reason why specific laws have been enacted to protect internet users from those with malicious intentions. This article delves into data security and data privacy laws that are here to stay.

Data privacy

Data privacy is a collection of policies and processes that details how a company collects information. It also encompasses how the same company uses and shares the data that they have collected. The data privacy law was put in place to protect internet users’ data from being unwillingly collected by companies. It ensures that the disclosure of the sensitive data they have collected adheres to the principles of transparency and legitimate purpose.

Data security

On the other hand, data security consists of the measures implemented by a company to protect the data that they have collected from being accessed by unauthorized users. The data security measures implemented by one organization can be different from another because this often depends on the type of data collected and stored, as well as the amount of information gathered. Nevertheless, both data privacy and data security are essential in ensuring that internet users are safe in exploring the online world.

Types of data privacy regulation

Data collection and data storage

Data privacy regulations revolving around data collection aim to provide regulations on how companies collect data from their customers and clients. It also governs when these companies are allowed to do so. On the other hand, data storage regulations are composed of guidelines that aim to provide a standard on how companies should store the data that they have collected from their customers and clients.

Data access

Data access regulations are all about how the data collected should be processed. These regulations often streamline how internal access of data should be managed, as well as the level of access that authorized users should possess. This also includes the level of access that consumers are entitled to when it comes to the data collected by the company from other consumers.

Data breach

Finally, there are also data breach protocols that guide companies on how they should handle cases of data leaks or unauthorized data access. One of the standard guidelines in this law includes the notification of agencies and consumers promptly about the unfortunate incident, as well as accurate tracking of information about the breach that happened. This law also encompasses the necessary measures that need to be taken to ensure that the same incident no longer happens in the future.

The bottomline

The digital world is vast and wide, allowing you to perform various activities conveniently. However, you need to ensure that your personal details and sensitive information are safe. Several groups with malicious interests are waiting to jump into the opportunity to take advantage of digital security gaps. Rest assured that there are laws put into place to protect you as an internet user in this digital age.


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