Mobile phone with broken screen showing signs to get a new phone

Telltale Signs It’s Time to Get a New Phone

In this modern-day and age, a smartphone is already a necessity. The reason behind this is that not only do people use these gadgets to make calls or send messages, but smartphones are already used for a wide variety of other purposes such as sending emails, listening to music, or watching videos. However, phones have a certain lifespan and your device will most likely send you some warning signals once it is reaching its time. Below are some of the telltale signs that it’s time for you to get a new phone.

1. Short battery life

One of the first signs that your phone is already nearing its lifespan is a short battery life that doesn’t even last for a couple of hours before it entails the need for you to recharge it. More often than not, smartphone batteries are designed to last throughout the day, unless you are using it to stream videos and shows. On the other hand, your phone may also shut down or your battery may also heat up unexpectedly. If overheating happens even without you using your phone, then this is considered hazardous. This may happen occasionally in the past, but when it happens more frequently, then it can be a sign of battery problems which may entail the need for you to upgrade your device.

2. Screen issues

Another sign that you need to part away with your phone is if you are having a number of screen issues, regardless of whether it has noticeable damage or not. There may be instances wherein your screen may display vertical lines as well as other anomalies, or worse, it can be flickering. It can also be that your busted screen is already a hazard, but according to, you can still put it up for sale and get the best price for it. However, you need to carefully read through the conditions of how your phone will be graded in order to manage your expectations.

3. Full capacity storage space

Smartphones are designed to handle a relatively huge amount of information, hence, they are equipped with ample storage space. However, there may come a time wherein you always find your storage full even if you exert the extra effort to delete files such as images and videos, or even uninstall apps. When your phone can no longer accommodate any new files or apps, then it is time for you to get a new one that will be able to offer you the features you need.

4. Low-quality photos and videos

There are phones which are specifically manufactured to offer the best quality photos and videos imaginable. If you are one who got yourself this type of phone, then you may be frustrated to find that the images and videos you take are with a low quality no matter how you adjust the settings. It can also be that your camera takes a relatively long time to capture these images. You can attempt to isolate the problem first by trying out different apps to see whether this can be causing the issue. In case this is not the root cause of the problem, then there is a good basis for you to suspect that your phone may be the problem.

5. Malfunctioning apps

Operating system (OS) updates are mandatory from time to time to ensure the stability of your phone. The reason behind this is that there are apps that are designed to work well with newer OS versions, and they tend to malfunction with older systems. These apps can either suddenly crash, hang, or just stop working. If your OS version is up to date, but your apps keep on malfunctioning, then this is an indication that you need a new phone.

6. Slow response

Most smartphones are now touchscreen and the design of the touchpad is often sensitive. In this case, even small gestures will immediately be captured by the phone and it will act accordingly. However, there may be instances wherein your touchscreen may take too long to respond or it can misinterpret your taps and swipes. This makes it difficult for you to accomplish anything through your phone.

7. Inability to connect to the net

Regardless of whether you are using up your phone’s data or you are leveraging Wi-Fi to connect to the internet, both ways should work flawlessly. In case you have trouble connecting to the internet using either of the aforementioned methods, you can initially have your phone checked by the experts. But in case this issue arises more frequently, then look at it as a sign that your phone already wants to bid you goodbye.

8. Incapability to use headphones properly

If you need to be artistic in terms of plugging in your earphones for use, such that you need to move it a little to the left or right, then you need to check both your earphone jack and the slot in your phone. This may lead you to spend a couple of minutes just to put your earphones on your phone, causing you to miss calls eventually. If you try your earphones in other devices and it functions perfectly, sliding through the jack without any problems, then it is your phone which has a problem. Again, you can let a phone repair expert check your device, or you can consider getting a new one.


When your phone’s battery doesn’t last you even until noon, or when anything becomes unreadable already because of your damaged screen, then it is time to part ways with your old phone. In the same manner, when you always have a full capacity storage space even if you keep on deleting files and apps, or you often get low-quality images and videos, then take it as a sign that you need to let go of your phone. Malfunctioning apps and slow response, as well as the inability to connect to the net or even to connect your headphones properly, are also strong indications that it is time to get a new phone.


Staff Writer at CPO Magazine