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The Benefits of VPNs for Your Business

Whether you are a business owner or an employee, a strong VPN service can protect your sensitive data and increase cybersecurity. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it works by creating a secure private network that does not put the company or its employees at risk.

With the rise of cybercrimes and increased number of people working from home, continuous cybersecurity checks, having tools such as VPN to protect your business are more important than ever.

What is a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) for businesses connects the company’s private network directly to the computing devices of employees. Therefore, a VPN enables businesses to send information via a public network and avoid security risks.

Online movements are unable to be traced since a VPN encrypts data and any activity that occurs online within the private network it creates.

Other possibilities when using a VPN include bypassing geo-restrictions and protected file sharing. This is essential for businesses that work with international clients or want to prevent data leakage.

User-friendly service

Even though the technology that enables VPNs to work is complex, it isn’t at all reflected in the user experience. Most top-quality VPNs are easy to use for anyone and don’t feature confusing interfaces.

Therefore, business VPNs can accommodate and keep safe any employee within your company, whether they’re tech-savvy or not.

For any budget

VPNs save businesses a lot of money in the long run. Namely, some of the best VPNs are affordable and budget-friendly for companies and private individuals alike.

That is to say, the cost is insignificant when the level of security they provide is taken into consideration. On average, they cost $10 and provide military-grade encryption for multiple devices.

In hindsight, cyberattacks can damage companies for millions and many companies go out of business in less than 2 years if they experience a security breach they are not prepared for.

It increases work efficiency

Working on networks secured by VPNs increases the speed of browsing but also the speed of your systems. That is why most remote businesses use VPNs to increase the performance and speed up access to their systems.

Employees also tend to be more efficient if they know that what they do is important. Namely, by using the VPN for a business you communicate to your employees that the information that they work with is of upmost importance and needs to be protected.

What’s more, by using the VPN, they know that you value that their personal data is safe as well. That can increase morale and respect on your employee’s part.

Many employees are wary of open Wi-Fi since they know the danger they pose. For those that travel frequently or need to use public Wi-Fi, they know that they can have peace of mind and deliver the project on time wherever they are.

Detecting malicious activity

Hackers and hacktivists do not attack exclusively higher caliber companies. Therefore, no business is immune to cyberattacks that can irrevocably damage the company’s reputation and finances.

VPNs for businesses can’t be the only tool organizations use for security. However, most of them can detect malicious activity and warn your employees if they are at risk of downloading malware.

If your employees work using a virtual private network, your business is less likely to be targeted by cybercriminals since you removed the vulnerability that would otherwise be caused by easier access (e.g. unsafe public Wi-Fi).

Protecting employee’s and company’s data

For companies that operate in virtual digital spaces, there is always a danger of potential security breaches that aim at acquiring sensitive data such as employee and company passwords.

VPNs create an anonymous and safe network that is camouflaged from hackers.


As mentioned, there are many benefits to using business VPNs and they are more necessary than ever in 2020. Businesses are more aware of the potential dangers of online businesses and know they can’t risk a security breach.

Some of the benefits are that VPNs are easy to use, they increase the functionality of your systems, safeguarding sensitive data by adding a valuable tool to your security systems, and the cost is minimal for the service they provide.


Staff Writer at CPO Magazine