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The Ecommerce Automation Strategies Every Ecommerce Site Owners Need

You impede the growth of your online business if you don’t integrate automation into your workflows.

Here’s what automation does:

  • It improves your productivity.
  • It reduces your costs.
  • It helps you avoid human error.
  • It helps you stay on top of your list of to-dos.
  • It helps you with dynamic pricing.
  • Etc.

Imagine how much you’re missing out on if you don’t have those working for you?

What’s more, imagine how things would play out if your competitors are taking advantage of automation right now, and you are not?

Don’t give your competitors an unfair advantage.

Learn about ecommerce automation now and start integrating it into your online business.

In this guide, we’ll cover several ecommerce automation strategies that will grow your online business.

Optimize the quality of your videos

Are you still embedding YouTube videos on your ecommerce website’s product pages?

I hope you answered “no.” Because if you answered otherwise, I fear you’re pushing away your hard-earned website traffic straight to YouTube.

YouTube videos are harmful to your ecommerce business because it has a chock full of video suggestions and links that direct your web visitors to their platform.

Here’s an example.

Optimize the quality of your videos

Here’s a question: if you shed blood sweat and tears to bring traffic to your website, why would you send them away to YouTube?

Why push them away when you tried so hard to pull them in?

Instead of using YouTube videos on your website, use a YouTube alternative that doesn’t siphon your website traffic to third-party sites.

Swarmify, a video hosting and acceleration platform for businesses, for example, automatically scans your pages and converts all of your YouTube videos (among other hosted videos).

With YouTube, your videos will look like this. (Notice all the distractions and links.)

Optimize the quality of your videos

When Swarmify converts it, the video becomes like this. (Notice how clean, professional, and distraction-free the video is.)

Optimize the quality of your videos

Since the video conversions are done automatically, you can forget about the hassle of manually converting your videos – which saves you loads of time and needless headaches. All you need to do is install Swarmify into your store once, and the software will start converting and optimizing your videos automatically.

Bonus tip: Add a clear call-to-action (CTA) at the end of your videos. You increase your conversion rates just by doing so.

Without a clear CTA, you don’t give your audience a clear direction of what to do after watching.

Your audience might be amazed by your videos, but that doesn’t mean they’ll buy.

They could forget about buying or they might get distracted. CTAs work as a reminder. It keeps them focused on their buying intent.

Use email automation builders

The value of email marketing has long been established.

At one point, for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you are expected to get about $40 in return.

That’s how awesome email marketing is.

The tricky bit is all the work that comes with running a successful email marketing campaign.

There are several things you need to stay on top of, such as sending replies on time, segmenting your subscribers, etc.

Without leveraging automation, email marketing — no matter how important it is — will suck your productivity dry.

That’s why you need email automation builders.

These are tools that allow you to set up your email workflow once, so the platform will execute the same sequence again and again automatically.

Omnisend is one such platform. It allows you to build workflow automations that fit your ecommerce business’ dynamics.

Here’s an example.

Optimize the quality of your videos

With automated email workflows, it’s easy to increase your email marketing ROI because you’d have to spend less on workforce hours, and you stay on top of your emails, ensuring you aren’t leaking out any sales opportunities.

Bonus tip: Instead of writing your email content, consider hiring a tried, and tested direct response copywriter.

While email marketing can do wonders to grow your ecommerce store, it’ll only work if you know how to write compelling emails; if your subject lines are catchy, and if your content has the psychological triggers to influence your readers to take action. (These are hard to pull off if you don’t have the training and the tricks of the trade that most direct response copywriters possess.)

Automate project management tasks

Without a reliable project management tool, running your ecommerce business’ virtual team can be a total nightmare.

A lot of tasks will fall through the cracks; your team has to log into several platforms to view updates, and handing off a task to the next person-in-charge becomes uber tedious.

We’re just scratching the surface, of course.

Whether you’re running a mobile marketing campaign or paid ads, you hands down need a reliable project management tool to collaborate with your team seamlessly.

TL;DR: Save yourself the hassle. Use a reliable project management platform with automation features.

ClickUp, a project management platform, is one such tool.

Among other things, the platform lets you assign tasks and subtasks, set up deadlines, and add custom fields.

It’s automation features are also noteworthy.

Optimize the quality of your videos

Not only do they have countless automation functions, but setting up your automation is dead-easy.

Here’s how the interface looks once you choose from any of the options.

Automate project management tasks

Easy peasy, huh?

Just by setting up your automation, your virtual team can collaborate better.

Get rid of menial, repetitive tasks that are eating up their time since your project management platform executes the tasks for you.

Bonus tip: Choose the best project management platform. One that offers great customer support and constantly updating.

Some platforms have not had any updates or new features added in over six months.

That’s not a good sign.

It isn’t common for leading software companies to be stagnant. They often have updates and improvements from time to time.

ClickUp, for example, sends its users 1 – 2 email notifications per month about new updates.

Some updates are massive (like when they added the automation features), while some aren’t. These updates are indicative of a company’s commitment to improvement to serve its users better.

What’s next?

Automate your ecommerce workflows whenever you can.

By automating you free up a good bit of your time, you ensure things are done every single time, your accuracy increases, and you even cut your costs. All of which can help take your ecommerce business to greater heights.


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