Man giving training on tips for keeping account secure

Tips on Keeping Your Online Gaming Account Secure

There is no such thing as a risk-free environment and every action is subject to a small risk, no matter how careful we are. The Internet isn’t any different and for those choose to play video games or casino games online, there is always a slight degree of chance. The good news is that anyone can greatly mitigate those risks and keep the online gaming account secured by following a few simple rules.

Use an antivirus and anti-malware software

The World Wide Web is a treacherous place, full of malicious software trying to infiltrate the computers of unsuspecting users. The vast majority of people have an antivirus but most of them go for the free versions. While there is not something inherently wrong with these apps, it is always recommended not to cut down on costs when it comes to security. Regardless of the antivirus you own, it’s important to keep it updated and ideally, double down with an anti-malware software to protect yourself.

Download and use only genuine apps

Online casinos and bookmakers often provide their users with the possibility of downloading a specialized application to gamble. If you choose to walk down this path instead of playing straight in the browser, you should make sure that the app you install is genuine. Stick to the software available on the official websites of online casinos, instead of third-party software you find online. Google and Apple have recently opened their stores to gaming apps, so this is another reliable source when downloading.

Use a strong password for every account

There’s nothing wrong in having multiple gaming accounts and totally understandable to aspire to have a single password. Convenience is important, but this is not the time and place to be lazy and take chances by using a new universal password. Make sure that the one you choose to protect your gaming account is a strong one that contains a mix of letters, numbers and special characters. If you find it difficult to remember the password, you can use a special password manager to make life easier.

Two factor authentication is a lifesaver

If you truly want to play mobile slots online and keep your online betting account secure, you should definitely consider the two factor authentication solution. This will make it extremely difficult for cyber criminals to log in to your account and matter with your funds or sensitive data. The downside of using this way of authenticating is that the bad guys would have to hack both your devices. You will remain in complete control and all that will take is to spend a few more seconds to login, as you have to go through to steps rather than one.


Sad as it is, total Internet security isn’t yet possible, but one can greatly reduce the risks when gambling online. In order to keep your gaming account secure, you should follow these common sense tips and even use this newfound knowledge to protect your other online activities.


Staff Writer at CPO Magazine