Secure communication and networking via Utopia peer-to-peer network
Utopia Secure Peer-To-Peer Network: How the Invasion of Privacy Can Be Stopped?

Utopia Secure Peer-To-Peer Network: How the Invasion of Privacy Can Be Stopped?

“Why should I be obsessed with online security? I’m not interested in the darknet, I’ve got nothing to hide and worry about.”

That’s reasonable! But “self-enclosed ecosystem including all daily apps you use and mining tool built-in“ – doesn’t it sound tempting? Read this article to explore the Utopia secure peer-to-peer network and effortless money-making option.

Is cybersecurity necessary?

It’s no secret that organizations collect sensitive information and sell it for large amounts. Daily services like browser, messenger, social media and email monitor your actions to make precise conclusions on your behavior and build your profile. Advertisers and corporations use metadata to increase their influence.

Cyber crime is becoming a more critical issue. Do you realize that when you sell your device previously restored to a factory setting, you are in danger? Any hacker can get access to your passcodes, credit card details, and files.

Moreover, Internet users can’t enjoy the freedom of speech online. Governments all over Europe monitor the content and set up censorship and restrictions. Newsfeed you read every day with a cup of tea is biased.

Good news – we have a remedy for a privacy-conscious audience! Let’s take a look at Utopia’s features.

Utopia secure peer-to-peer network – explore daily online kit

Utopia is a one-of-a-kind p2p network employing high-level encryption.  Communications and financial operations are secure due to Curve25519 – a high-speed elliptic curve mechanism; the in-house storage is encoded by 256-bit AES. What core principles ensure Utopia’s safe workflow?

  • Decentralization. Metafiles and transmitted content are never stored in a data warehouse. This issue assures the sided companies won’t reach the server because it simply doesn’t exist.
  • Anonymity. You won’t be asked to mention your phone number, email or name to use Utopia services. The system generates a unique key for every user, which is used for communications and financial operations.
  • Multifunctionality. The ecosystem has rich in-build tools you can use simultaneously in one window – uMessenger, uWallet, Idyll browser, uMail, and many more! We will cover them below.

Take advantage of one of the most up-to-date technologies protecting you online! What tools does Utopia entail?


Utopia uMessenger

In-house messenger functions as an ordinary messaging app you use. Its main advantages are the clear interface and encryption by default. Group chats, channels, and voice conversations are encoded unlike in the famous analogs like Telegram, Signal, etc. Only a sender and a receiver can see the content of messages. Use uMessenger for:

  • Private conversations. Chat funnily with the help of stickers and entertaining games. Have daily conversations with friends and family, share files with no risk of data leakage.
  • Business discussions. Encrypted group chats are an efficient communication tool for work. Discuss plans, account balance, or a PR strategy without security breaches.
  • Blogging. Share naked facts and secrets in a personal channel. To enjoy the unbiased news feed enable the Read-only chat and start a blog. uTags will be on hand to find the audience in a particular sphere.


Utopia uMail

Built-in mailbox is end-to-end encrypted and easy to use in combination with other tools. Hybrid Mode is Utopia’s special feature to have emails, chats, contacts, wallet balance organized on one desktop.

The only condition – users can only send mail to the addresses registered on Utopia. Use uMail for:

  • Work correspondence. Business emails are easily organized owing to filters. Plus, you can generate a template for the letters you usually write. All the most widely-used types of files can be shared.
  • Personal mailbox. Use uMail to share texts, pictures, and sensitive information secured by end-to-end encryption.

Idyll browser

Idyll is the in-house tool to view domestic pages. Users can only surf the web pages hosted within Utopia ecosystem to guarantee a breakthrough privacy level. Idyll is decentralized, so it never collects the metadata and browsing history to store in a data warehouse. It’s a genuine tool to escape global surveillance and enjoy a high loading speed.

Breaking news – you can design your website on Utopia. The process is straightforward and doesn’t require special knowledge.


Utopia uWallet

The in-house wallet is the multipurpose and protected financial center. Utopia issued the cryptocurrency for faster internal payments and transfers – Crypton. Besides, users can get CPRs for just being online four times in an hour. What are the main functions of the wallet?

  • Card issue. Users can design a personal card with customized design in a heartbeat.
  • Crypto purchases. Pay for services and goods in cryptocurrency.
  • Money transfers. Send and receive crypto from Utopia members in a flash.
  • Sell goods as a merchant. Register as a merchant and commit sales, enjoying a convenient interface.

To get an exclusive opportunity to be rewarded online, use the Mining bot!

Mining bot

Utopia mining bot

Utopia users earn Crypton every time they contribute to expanding the network paths. The only thing you have to do – stay online! Bonuses will replenish your account automatically.

Use several devices at the same time to gain more profits!

To sum up

The current state of things is that the Internet lacks privacy and security in 2019. Hackers, governments, and corporations use apps and software to monitor our daily actions, sell or use the data for monetary purposes. Utopia is a P2P self-enclosed ecosystem which aims to protect you from espionage and guarantee secure data transfer. The project now on the Beta stage has attracted numerous users all over the globe. The mobile version enabling the customized framework creation will be released soon. We are waiting impatiently but now you may download Utopia for the desktop to try the essential kit right now!


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Utopia is really a great invention. In my honest opinion its the greatest service of this global village. If someone think that he secured at other social networks then its totally wrong feeling. No one is secured because spying agencies keep eye on us via these messangers even our data collected everyday. But Utopia has out class encryption which make us anonymous and most secure in the modern world. The world is going more modern and with the increase in technology and being modern its also hard to being secured. But solution is one and only that is Utopia ecosystem.… Read more »


A completely decentralized and secured ecosystem. The first word i have heard truly in my life. Every one want privace and want to be secure from the data being compromised. But utopia solved all our solutions. So everything available in Utopia client. Believe me no one can give you such great investion even you spend thousands of bucks. My advice for everyone. If you want to stay secure then turn everything of yours to Utoopia and be your own controller.

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