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What Could Happen to Your Data If Your Password Got Leaked

What Could Happen to Your Data If Your Password Got Leaked

Out of all the potential security threats that exist nowadays, passwords are considered the number one vulnerability of any device. The simple reason behind this is the fact that passwords provide room for human error. You could have the most powerful antivirus program and an advanced security setup in your office, but it only takes one password to breach all the walls. Here is what could happen to your data and accounts if only one of your passwords got leaked and how NordPass can help you prevent that.

What are the potential consequences of a leaked password?

Passwords are the key to all the doors online. Hackers often target login credentials because they are the easiest entryway to people’s personal and financial accounts. Using weak passwords or using the same password for multiple accounts can pose a threat to all your personal information. This includes addresses, contacts, and credit card data. A user’s password can either be leaked directly or through a massive data breach on large websites.

Even large corporations and service providers such as Facebook or WhatsApp have suffered data breaches. A single data breach can expose the data of thousands of users. If you were registered to a breached website, your personal information would be exposed as well. Once your password is exposed, hackers can use it to access and control your social media accounts or find their way to your financial data.

One of the major consequences of a leaked password is financial theft. A single password is enough for hackers to dig their way to your PayPal account or credit card details. Consequently, they may end up performing unauthorized transactions. Identity theft is another concern tied to leaked or exposed credentials. The leaked data can also be sold to advertisers or used to breach into your devices and cause greater damage.

Important security measures

There are many ways a password can get leaked nowadays, including spying through unprotected networks, computer breaches, or large cybersecurity attacks on websites the users are registered on. For the sake of prevention, it is best not to register an account on every website you visit. Keep your number of accounts at a minimum. Also, deactivate any old accounts that are not in use. One of the most important security tools used to avoid financial breaches and the invasion of privacy caused by leaked passwords is a VPN.

A VPN or a virtual private network adds an extra layer of encryption to the user’s data and keeps them anonymous online. By using a VPN, users can ensure that their passwords are not exposed to hackers or third parties, especially when connected to open public networks. Another important tool that will keep your passwords safe is the NordPass Password Manager. This is an advanced management tool that uses high-grade encryption to keep users’ passwords safe. It also helps users deal with a large number of passwords once it gets challenging to remember them all.

NordPass can store multiple passwords at a secure location covered by the AES-256 advanced encryption, which is used by the US government to protect classified files. Besides securing your passwords, this tool will automatically type them in the browser once you try to log in, thus making the login process safer and simpler. NordPass is available on all devices. It features a built-in password generator. The generator feature helps users create better and more secure passwords by providing random and unique combinations of letters and numbers.

A reliable password management tool combined with a strong VPN encryption should be enough to keep your passwords protected. To further secure your device, make sure that its systems and all the programs are up to date to avoid any possible vulnerabilities. Install a trustworthy antivirus system and perform scans every once in a while. This will ensure that there are no potential threats in the system. Most importantly, never use the same password for multiple accounts because that only makes it easier for hackers to get their hands on your personal information.


A single leaked password can cause internet users many headaches. Especially if it is a password of an important account. For example, if your Gmail password gets leaked, all your social media and financial accounts tied to that email address will be compromised. Thus, it is important to implement the right security measures in time to prevent any unwanted consequences before it is too late.

It is highly recommended to use a virtual private network to ensure extra security when browsing the internet. Make sure to protect your passwords using NordPass, which will help you keep your credential secure and nicely organized. Use the NordPass password generator to replace your existing passwords with more secure combinations of lower and upper case letters and numbers.


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