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When Is the Right Time to Redevelop Your Website?

When Is the Right Time to Redevelop Your Website?

Every business owner knows that they need a website to fully function in a competitive landscape. But not every business owner knows that that website needs to be redeveloped occasionally in order to provide the best possible service to customers and point of contact for enquiries. There are two major reasons to update a website in a dramatic overhaul. These are to ensure top security and stability for those visiting the website and to ensure the website suits the business needs and reflects the offering correctly.

Stability and Security

Facebook, one of the most visited websites in the world, revealed they had a password breach in March 2019, which helped other businesses consider their own security. This has prompted Facebook in the past to change features of their website, such as suggesting a friend to allow you access into an account if your password is compromised. While the Facebook security issues have been ongoing for some time, smaller businesses should be sufficient with the websites they have for the traffic they expect.

A security audit for a website is always an important thing to do, especially considering data as part of this. Ensuring your website is up-to-date with all security and privacy regulations, including May 2018’s GDPR, is imperative as trust could be lost with customers and could tarnish your brand should something happen. Redeveloping a website on the back of security issues could be a wise step to get ahead of the curve and to ensure no disruption to the service of the website while the issue is being dealt with. SSL encryption is important for businesses, especially those who take financial information from customers. The encryption offers added security for customers and shows a commitment from the brand to customer safety.

Business Needs

The primary reason for having a website is to fulfil the goals of the business. Whether this is to encourage people to buy things, to book your services, or simply to pinpoint them to other channels of communication, a website has a purpose. Your website needs to reflect the offering you provide and show how you can benefit customers and solve the problem they have in the first place. For instance, NetEnt overhauled its Free Slots page in order to showcase the products and features available at a range of other sites. These offerings likely change frequently, so the website needs to continue to be changed in order to reflect the up-to-the-minute information available. Customers use the site to ascertain the best information on free spins, so ensuring this is correct and reliable is the key objective of the website page. Yet, this likely doesn’t affect the rest of the site, so a full rework isn’t always needed.

When a business changes what they offer, that is another good time to redevelop a website. A change in service could reflect a change in branding, which would also need an overhaul of the website. Websites that have been redesigned could be a talking point for customers and can be shared as content on social media or across blogs as a piece of business news.

Redeveloping a website could be as simple as tweaking the copy, changing the images, and giving the template a sleeker look. Or it could be as complex as diving into the code and changing everything. Either way, ensuring your website reflects your company as it is and shows a commitment to customer security is the most important factor in running a website.


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