Lock against digital background showing need for cybersecurity investments

Why Cybersecurity Should Be as Important an Investment for Online Casinos as Technological Improvements

Online gambling companies have been making huge investments in technology with the aim of making the experience more attractive and more worthwhile to the customer. Gamblers have been enjoying the ease of playing various games from the comfort of their homes or on the go via mobile tech.

Entities involved in the industry have made notable strides where the aesthetics and speed of transactions are concerned. But securing customer trust should be one of the prevailing aspects. No one likes to lose money unnecessarily and trust built over time takes a lot less time to vanish whenever losses occur in a manner they should not have.

Some of the top companies have built reputations over the years and have very little trouble attracting new customers. There’s always underlying skepticism when making online deposits; certain companies are able to mitigate such simply based on reputation. However, there’s little they could to keep that trust if their systems are compromised.

Online gambling platforms are undoubtedly targets for cybercriminals, which makes an investment in data protection and cybersecurity imperative. Companies have lost millions as a direct result of cyberattacks over the years and gambling institutions are no different given the volume of data and cash involved in their transactions on a daily basis.

Hackers are able to get past some of the best security placements and, as good as they may be, Dedicated Denial of Service (DDoS) hacking could potentially leave them vulnerable. A DDoS attack normally leaves a server inundated with traffic and can completely shut operations down. Of course, there’s every chance it could be used to cover the theft of money or data. DDoS attacks are reported to have gone up by a whopping 500 percent due to the coronavirus pandemic – that’s definitely something to note.

Online companies have begun placing end-to-end encryption in their data, which makes it unreadable during transmission. Encrypted data can only be deciphered when it gets to the required destination and is basically useless to hackers if intercepted.

When it comes to user safety the onus should lie on companies, yet it’s also wise to make your experience as secure as possible if you’re going to be an active participant. There are several neat opportunities to take advantage of when gambling online as many gambling companies offer free bets or spins, especially to new customers. Some sites even allow to start betting for free with no deposit needed. It would also be wise to keep a device dedicated to just gambling if you can as it lessens the possibility of viruses and malware getting onto whatever it is you’re using to play casino games online.

The installation of a VPN wouldn’t go amiss either. Apart from helping keep your activities secure, you could gain access to geo-restricted sites, which means more opportunities to make money.

It’s also worth checking whether sites are regulated by the powers that be in the location they’re based as regulated companies follow strict security guidelines.


Staff Writer at CPO Magazine