Group of cool teenagers with modern devices showing why we need the internet

Why We Can’t Live Without the Internet Anymore

It’s hard to imagine life without the internet. We once lived without it, true, but since the World Wide Web landed on the scene, it’s changed the way we do so many things. How we shop. How we do business. How we learn and so much more. Could we ever get by? Chances are it’s a resounding ‘No’ from many of us. Here’s why a strong internet connection is so important in today’s digital world.

We can be more productive at home and at work

The internet, with all the apps and platforms available to us, saves us a lot of time at work. We can automate repetitive business tasks. At home, we can shop online instead of heading out to a brick-and-mortar store. We can send emails and messages while we’re on the go, instead of having to do so from a fixed location.

That being said… some people believe the arrival of social media means the internet is making us less productive. Facebook has so many users that if it were a country, it would be the most populated one on Earth. That’s over a billion potentially unproductive people!

We can conduct solid video conferencing

The internet has become more important than ever, helping us to stay connected in the world of COVID-19. A solid connection allows us to video call each other rather than have to travel to someone’s house. Businesses can video conference each other and avoid travelling long distances.

A poor internet connection can be disruptive. If you’re conducting business, it makes you look bad. You could lose potential new clients. Ultimately, if it’s generally unreliable, it may also stop you from completing tasks in timely fashion, which is also bad for business when a client is counting on your services.

We experience less frustration

If your slow internet connection is making you tear your hair out, browse the broadband deals for a faster one. This isn’t just for your own sanity; it’s for your own heath. Web pages and videos that take a long time to load can increase your heart rate and your stress levels. A single delay can increase your heart rate by as much as 38%, research has found.

So when you’re looking for a better internet deal, consider how many people use the internet in your home and how you all use it. The more there are, the higher your download speed should be to accommodate you all suitably.

We can learn

The internet is revolutionising learning. Thanks to the internet, we can bridge skills gaps much easier. Small businesses can use it to offer employees quick, efficient training to bring them up to the level they need to be, whereas large companies can use it to implement company-wide training.

Meanwhile, schools can cut cuts and make use of the greater connectivity to deliver learning. The days of the classroom aren’t over, but the internet has become a major supportive tool. People who have poor literacy or numeracy skills can learn online to improve their skills.

The internet has completely changed the game, creating opportunities for us to work easier, learn more and, generally, go about our business with much less hassle. A strong, reliable connection is reliable for this, however, so it’s worth reviewing your broadband deal regularly to see if you’re getting the best value for your money.


Staff Writer at CPO Magazine