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Data Protection and Privacy Officer Priorities 2019
Data Protection and Privacy Officer Priorities 2019


New Malvertising Attacks Highlight Growing Risk of Ad Fraud

The next time you’re tempted to click on an online ad, think again. New malvertising attacks use polyglot images to run code for ad fraud, showing the growing sophistication for malvertising ad fraud.

Data Privacy

Russia Internet Control Initiative Could Cut Off Nation From Global Internet

A new draft law for Russia Internet control wants ISPs to direct all data (both incoming and outgoing) to government-controlled routing and exchange points if the need arises to "unplug" from the global Internet.

Data Protection

Blockchain Privacy Poisoning a New Concern in Post-GDPR Era

The features that make blockchain so attractive to enterprises are also the very features that could lead to headaches like “blockchain privacy poisoning", which Gartner has named as one of the biggest risks facing organizations over the next few years.

Cyber Security

6 Top Information Security Risks to Know in 2019

The 2019 Information Security Forum (ISF) Threat Horizon report contains information security risks that illustrate the importance, if not urgency, of updating cybersecurity measures fit for Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies.

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