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A Heart of Gold: The Hidden Value Behind Your DNA

DNA testing companies are collecting millions of DNA samples that include personal health information (PHI) and turning around to sell it to research and pharmaceutical companies. Consumers need to weigh the privacy risks and decide if these DNA testing companies have a heart of gold or are just looking for one.

Emerging Tech Companies: It’s Not Your Uncle’s Dot.Com Regulatory Environment Anymore for Privacy and Data Security

The technology sector is facing new regulations and increased calls for further regulation, in particular with respect to data privacy and security. Emerging tech companies that plan to succeed should pay attention and be prepared for more questions about privacy and security from investors, strategic partners, consumers and, possibly, regulators.

Eye in the Sky – Drone Surveillance and Privacy

Drones that were once used only for military purposes have now entered the private sector. With the surveillance culture that is permeating almost every part of modern society, drone surveillance using not just cameras but facial recognition software, IR technology, and speakers are an unprecedented threat to privacy.

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