Hands holding glasses in front of computer screen to adopt a hacker's point of view
Adopting a Hacker's Point of View by Katie Santos, Content Writer at Panda Security

Adopting a Hacker’s Point of View

Just like detectives look into the mind of a criminal to solve the case, you can look into the mind of a hacker to guard your company’s online data.

With every wave of innovation, hackers adapt themselves to the new environment. Additionally, as technology becomes more accessible, hackers are getting younger. How do you keep up with the constantly changing technological climate? You’ll have to learn from the masters.

Most hackers are talented individuals that enjoy hacking simply for the challenge and thrill of it. Generally, there is the added bonus of money and media attention. They are not all inherently malicious people, and there are many insights to be gleaned from their endeavors.

10 Actionable Tips from Hackers
  1. Keep an eye out for manipulative people
  2. Prepare for the worst case scenario and you’re ready for anything
  3. Stay open and adaptable to new circumstances
  4. Brace yourself for malicious activity
  5. Exhaust all possible solutions before acknowledging a serious problem
  6. Watch your competition from the rearview mirror and assume they’re gaining on you
  7. Simply being observant can lead to opportunities
  8. Take on a challenge bit by bit
  9. Others’ weaknesses may reside in their strengths
  10. Be innovative, creative, and think outside of the box

As you can see, this advice can be used to solve and prevent problems. Prevention is key so as not to suffer any damages, but problem-solving skills are also necessary.  You can use these tips to improve your cybersecurity or to resolve other non-technology-related issues at work.

You can also add this guidance to your repertoire of life skills. Many of these phrases of wisdom can ease your daily dilemmas. For example, taking on a challenge by working on smaller pieces at a time will likely increase your efficiency while decreasing your frustration.

When it comes to digital security, it can be helpful to adopt a hacker’s point of view. If you were a hacker what would you do? Look for holes in your security, in both software and personnel. If you have the most secure system in the world, it won’t do any good if there are morally questionable employees.

Different employees generally have different levels of security clearances in large businesses. Be sure that you, other employees, and executives trust those that have a high clearance with sensitive information. Just one leak or data breach could cost millions of dollars.

Businesses are upgrading and reimplementing their cybersecurity programs as online security grows in complication and scope. This only serves as more incentives for hackers. There is more at stake (more data stored digitally, resulting in more money or attention) and a greater challenge to “break in”.

Solve Problems at Work Like a Hacker
Solve Problems at Work Like a Hacker