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Are Portable Digital Identities Swiftly Replacing Conventional Passwords?

Admit it; remembering different passwords for different accounts is the most annoying yet crucial thing we encounter every day.

This tediously repetitive task undoubtedly creates a lot of friction in the modern digitally-advanced world where every user demands a seamless experience across every platform.

However, many businesses offering online services are ahead of their time since they’ve already worked on eliminating the need to reenter passwords. Brands like Apple, Google, and Microsoft have already jumped on the bandwagon to dump passwords forever.

Together, these renowned vendors have agreed to extend a cross-collaboration by leveraging a technology standard-FIDO Alliance, which would eliminate passwords from our lives forever.

Let’s understand the aspects of going passwordless by leveraging the true potential of portable digital identities.

Intent behind the collaboration

The idea is quite simple since users only need to prove their identity to their device, i.e., to authenticate themselves through a portable digital identity that would be common for all devices of the brands, as mentioned earlier.

We’re already using biometrics, including facial recognition, fingerprint scans, and other authentication methods that don’t involve user ids and passwords. The portable digital identity could be a digital key to open access to accounts, devices, payments, etc.

But what’s the need for removing passwords if we’re already using secure security mechanisms for authentication? There’s a need for a portable digital authentication mechanism that removes every barrier to ensure a seamless user experience across cross-platform devices and platforms.

Apart from this, most enterprises rely on multi-factor authentication mechanisms, which are suitable for ensuring stringent security. The problem lies in a situation where we need to share the same identity across multiple platforms, accounts, or devices.

The recent news released by company officials revealed that these tech leaders would integrate the technology into their platforms and devices by the end of this year.

In a nutshell, iOS, Windows, Android, Chrome devices and MacOS, and other major web browsers would allow their users to share digital identities.

How would the concept of portable digital identity work?

To ensure that the concept of portable digital identity works seamlessly and securely, websites, platforms, and devices need to add support for the FIDO Alliance authentication standard.

On the other hand, if the vendors don’t support the FIDO Alliance, they’ll have to rely on the conventional authentication mechanisms that would surely hamper the user experience.

However, the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) had already been in talks regarding the support for FIDO, and hence, several websites already support the same. And with the announcement of the concept of portable digital identities, more and more websites are expected to support the same in the future.

What would users get with a portable digital identity?

Remembering passwords isn’t a piece of cake, and choosing a single password for all accounts is dice with death. Hence, to enhance user experience in a cross-platform and cross-device landscape, businesses must put their best foot forward in incorporating a portable digital identity.

So, one of the most significant benefits for users is that they can enjoy a seamless user experience across multiple platforms and devices without the need to re enter passwords when switching devices, platforms, or applications.

Apart from this, the concept of portable digital identities would eventually give more wings to the concept of smart cities where users can enjoy a connected unified experience while interacting with government and public sector platforms.

In conclusion

In a digitally-advanced modern world, replacing passwords seems like an uphill battle. But with the concept of portable digital identities, renowned brands are putting the foundation stone for a whole-new rich experience for users worldwide.

With the introduction of portable #digitalidentity, businesses and the public sector could explore new horizons for #security and user experience, especially for cross-platform and cross-device authentication. #respectdataClick to Tweet

With the introduction of portable digital identity, businesses and the public sector could explore new horizons for security and user experience, especially for cross-platform and cross-device authentication.