New Zealand: Building Digital Trust in the 21st Century Under 20th Century Law

Presented at Data Privacy Asia 2016 conference

New Zealand’s Privacy Act is over 23 years old. A replacement Act was recommended by the Law Commission in 2011, but more than five years on we are still waiting.

In the meantime advances in technology, the way that business is conducted and the way government interacts with the public, continues to evolve, often with more personal data being collected, shared, analysed and utilised. Along with this has come increased risks (and consequences) of potential data breaches and therefore increased responsibility to guard against inappropriate use of personal information.

While we wait for a new Privacy Act, advancements in the promotion of privacy have been achieved through interim amendments to the Act, other legislation and initiatives, and a Privacy Commissioner who is taking a stronger line with enforcement and proactively addressing privacy issues through education and encouraging compliance.

This session will look at:

  • Some of the challenges with dealing with 21st century privacy issues under a Privacy Act that is over 20 years old.
  • Various measures or practices that have been taken to address some of those challenges.
  • What we are expecting in terms of pending reforms.

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