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What Is a Sales Portal?

Being organized is vital to excel in life. Imagine you’re a student and you cannot find your notes, a day before your exam. Similarly, if you are at your workplace and there is a client waiting in another room for you to close a deal, but you cannot get your hands on the paperwork that you printed a while ago.

Yes, all of this is frustrating – and that is where a sales portal comes in.

Sales portal and its importance

A sales portal is like a storage space that is digital. Imagine it as a repository where you keep your valuable goods. Yes, some salesmen will be rolling their eyes right now. And that is because they don’t have an effective sales portal system. Therefore they are skeptical about its use.

As a company owner, you need to have an up-to-date sales portal to ensure that your customers are happy with what they are getting. A sales portal can even increase the usability of your business application. On the other hand, your salesman and the authorities that deal with customers on a day-to-day basis will also get a package deal.

Remember, your time is the most important asset in your career. An efficient sales portal will be the perfect tool to save time and invest your resources in order to close more deals so you can mint more profits and your customers can be satisfied.

According to a survey, around 88% of deals are not closed because of the fact that the salesman could not get their hands on the required resource in time.

What is stored in a sales portal?

Now, this is a valid question to ask. What exactly is stored in a sales portal? Well, there are a couple of things that come along with an average sales portal. For example, pitch decks, video testimonials from your previous customers, and other paperwork.

Qualities of a good sales portal

Now that the basics are out of the way. Let us discuss the qualities that you need in your sales portal to make it more effective.

It should be relevant

Just as one shoe cannot fit all, you need a sales portal that is designed specifically for your company. The relevancy will help your employees to access the portal when they need it. If you have a portal but it is not relevant to your company, the employees will go back to sharing things on email.

This will cost you both, money and time. You will spend money on the portal but due to it not being relevant, your employees will spend extra time to get the job done.

It should be accessible

A good and effective sales portal should be accessible from all devices. If you do not have a mobile version of a sales portal, then you are not winning at this game. You want your employees to get hold of anything they want within a few minutes. They should not worry about carrying a laptop or other devices. Their mobile phone should do the job.

Similarly, you want your sales portal to show up with the minimum search. What does that mean? Well, remember how we talked about saving time? Therefore, you need to ensure that your sales portal is organized in a way that you can type in a few keywords and get your hands on the relevant material.

To sum it up

A sales portal is similar to having a garage. However, it is more organized and available on the internet (just like everything else nowadays). As a company, a sales portal is a potent tool that can put you both, ahead of the game or behind everyone. To avoid the latter – just ensure that your sales portal is effective and well maintained.


Staff Writer at CPO Magazine