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How to Prevent Your Data from Breaching – Tips for Businesses by Duncan Kingori, Content Manager at Ottomatik

How to Prevent Your Data from Breaching – Tips for Businesses

Running a business is crucial. It means handling client private information. This is why as a business, you need to guarantee your clients safety of their information. This is particularly crucial in an online world, where hackers and malware attacks pose a significant security threat to businesses.

Therefore, knowing how to prevent your data from breaching as a business person, small or large establishment is very important. Today, you can learn more about other modern backup plans for your data. Apart from backup, you can employ other security measures to protect your business and client information. This includes:

  • Two-factor authentication

Once you collect data from clients, protect it. You also need to protect your business data by thinking beyond normal passwords. Having a two-factor authentication is the way to go. It is a security measure that relies on your password, as well as another device to validate your identity.

  • Have a solid privacy plan

Inform clients that you are protecting their contact and other details. Set a strong policy and explain the process to clients, it helps you to protect their information while building trust and loyalty. They will also learn to respect and employ set measures for enhanced security and prevent data breaching.

  • Know the information you are protecting

It’s crucial that you know and understands the kind of information you are protecting. It keeps you in the know-how and it allows you to use the most ideal data protection approach.

  • Never underestimate a threat

Often, a data breach can occur because you underestimate a possible threat. You may assume that you will not be a target to hacker and malware attacks. In reality, hackers target almost every business. Cybercrime is a huge syndicate and a lot of money is lost by businesses year in year in. Therefore, employ the right security measures and protect all you can.

  • Protect only what you need to

The more valuable data you have, the more you become a target to cybercriminals. In this case, identify the most valuable information to protect and if possible avoid using personal details and social security numbers to identify clients. Instead, focus on strong unique passwords and login identification. Having more identification layers helps to protect your data and clients from hackers who are experts in simulating users.

  • Have the latest security software

Keep your systems clean with the latest security software. Use the latest, advanced and secure operating system and web browsers. They are an excellent way to protect your business and computers from online threats, malware, viruses and other related cyber threats. Many updated programs have a way of automatically connecting and updating your machine to the best protection against known or possible risks.

 Most importantly, always turn on your automatic security updates. It is an easy and available option on web browsers and operating systems.

  • Maximize on multiple security layers

Having multiple security layers on your system helps to weed out any phishing scams and malware. Most of these are targeted at different types of businesses. In this regard, keep your emails safe and well protected. When you are not using your accounts, log out. Similarly, you need to have a strong firewall as it keeps hackers and cybercriminals away from valued and sensitive data.

  • Scan devices before use

Before you attach any USB or other devices on your network, you need to scan it. It helps to prevent the transfer of viruses that could lead to a data breach.

  • Educate your staff

Invest in quality security education amongst your employees. Let them know of the best security measures to take when they suspect a threat, what information to protect and how to keep off suspicious links.

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Last but not least, protect your mobile devices including tablets, laptops and smartphones. It helps to enhance the security of your data and to boost employee productivity and flexibility.


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