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Insights and opinions on data protection, privacy and cybersecurity contributed by thought leaders from around the world.

Can Employers Find the Employee Privacy Sweet Spot? (Part I)

It's not quite the world of George Orwell's 1984, but employers and employees are still searching for a meeting of minds when it comes to privacy. Can a balance be struck between business imperatives and employee privacy? In part one of a two-part article we examine just how technology is contributing to a steady erosion of employee privacy and how both employer and employee must each bear some of the burden when it comes to privacy issues.

Dawn of Data Protection Regulations: Will You Be a Hero or a Villain?

Like Superman draws his power from the sun, the cloud imbues organisations with remarkable power and flexibility. But how should organisations wield such power effectively to protect their users and data, especially in light of data protection regulations? Matthias Yeo, APAC CTO of Blue Coat, shares the top 3 tenets of adopting a cloud strategy so you can be the hero, not the villain.

Apple vs The FBI – The Asian Perspective

The ongoing battle royal between Apple and the FBI, which is trying to force the Cupertino based company to disable the built-in protections of an iPhone formerly owned by a terrorist has long term implications for privacy across the globe. Whether Apple wins or loses privacy advocates are watching the events extremely carefully. Data Privacy Asia reached out to some experts across Asia for their opinion on the ongoing legal battle.

Big Data and Cyber Security Analytics

The number of cyberattacks continues to rise and organisations need to come to terms with the fact that traditional approaches to mitigating the effects of malicious attacks may no longer be viable. One of these approaches is to harness the power of big data technology to help companies improve their proactive and reactive cyber-defence capabilities. David White and Annie Tu examine how old approaches may be found wanting and a paradigm based on new defence models can help companies not only stop hackers, but also help to…

Developments in Indonesia’s Personal Data Protection

Indonesia boasts one of the fastest growing economies in South East Asia. However, rapid growth has not been followed by robust development on the regulatory side, particularly in the case of specific rules regarding personal data protection. Authors Zacky Zainal Husein and Andin Aditya Rahman argue that clear definitions are paramount in setting the tone of any regulations, including Indonesia’s upcoming personal data protection rules. The article discusses how “personal data” is defined in the draft rules and the potential…

Breaking Down the Walls – Challenge for Data Protection Officers

In this article, we examine how regulators in Asia are mandating the appointment of Data Protection Officers and how these appointees form only one part of a team that must be tasked with not only ensuring the integrity of data, but also in responding to breaches of security. We also touch on the consequences of team members not familiarising themselves with their individual roles and responsibilities.