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Insights and opinions on data protection, privacy and cybersecurity contributed by thought leaders from around the world.

Who Owns My Data?

Living in the age of Big Data, consumers are slowly awakening half in doubt regarding the ownership of the data which they generated. As more enterprises start utilising user-generated data for so-called target marketing, more consumers begin questioning about unfairness in sharing the profit earned by commercialising that data. This question motivates us to think about the essence of privacy. Is privacy just about the right to be let alone? Or might it include the right to sell the users' own data?

Data Protection – A Tale of Two Cities

As personal data protection continue to challenge companies it is becoming apparent that the commissions and other structures that police these issues have become impatient with organisations that are not complying with recommendations. For the first time those companies which have suffered a data breach and been found not in compliance are feeling the wrath of governing bodies.

Can Employers Find the Employee Privacy Sweet Spot? (Part I)

It's not quite the world of George Orwell's 1984, but employers and employees are still searching for a meeting of minds when it comes to privacy. Can a balance be struck between business imperatives and employee privacy? In part one of a two-part article we examine just how technology is contributing to a steady erosion of employee privacy and how both employer and employee must each bear some of the burden when it comes to privacy issues.

Dawn of Data Protection Regulations: Will You Be a Hero or a Villain?

Like Superman draws his power from the sun, the cloud imbues organisations with remarkable power and flexibility. But how should organisations wield such power effectively to protect their users and data, especially in light of data protection regulations? Matthias Yeo, APAC CTO of Blue Coat, shares the top 3 tenets of adopting a cloud strategy so you can be the hero, not the villain.