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Passwork Is the Best Solution for Dealing With Passwords in the Company

Cybersecurity is more important than ever, but employees need to be able to access networks and services quickly and conveniently to remain productive.

Passwork is a self-hosted password manager that keeps login credentials in your hands, out of the reach of internet-based threats. Passwork handles both account sharing for teams and individual employee credentials in a secure, fast and business-friendly manner.

About Passwork

Passwork safely stores all the different login credentials needed across an organization in an encrypted central location on your local servers.

Individual employees have access to a “vault” in which the various login credentials for the accounts they need for their work are stored. Once employees are authenticated by Passwork, this allows them simple “one click” access to all of the spaces and tools they need to do their job without having to memorize an array of different passwords for each account.

Additionally, a “password generator” feature provides additional security to these various accounts by continually changing their passwords, greatly reducing the possibility of leaked credentials and breaches.

Passwork ranges across the breadth of an organization’s technology profile as both an extension for most popular web browsers, as well as Android and iOS apps. And since credentials are stored locally, it can also be used for network logins even without internet access.

How Passwork keeps organizations safe

It’s not uncommon for employees to start out their job with a dozen or more passwords to manage, and to see this number grow into the hundreds as their career develops. Even small-to-medium businesses are now commonly managing tens of thousands of login credentials in circulation.

Passwork draws all of this into a central location, secures it with encryption so that only local system administrators can access it, and provides an interface that gives employees access only to the accounts needed for their work.

It’s a lot like physical security card systems used to control building access. Each card can be programmed to only open certain authorized doors, and permissions can be added or revoked from a central location without having physical access to the card. It’s the same situation with Passwork. System admins can add new account access for individual employees as needed, or quickly revoke access when someone leaves the company.

It’s also much easier to see what each employee has access to at a glance, an extremely helpful feature for security audits and incident investigation.

The Passwork security advantage

One of the things that sets Passwork apart from other password management systems is that login credentials are never transmitted to the internet. There is no third-party online system that can be breached to compromise your stored passwords. Account credentials are kept on your local network and protected with strong encryption, available only to your authorized system admins. And a two-factor authentication option is available via Google Authenticator.

Passwork also helps those admins save time in account generation and management with feature-rich LDAP/AD integration with the ability to map LDAP groups and roles, authorize via SSO, and generate TOTP codes. Less IT staff time wasted in account management is more in which vital security needs can be addressed elsewhere.

Passwork can also be installed on Linux and Windows with or without Docker, and runs on PHP and MongoDB. And a “security dashboard” feature allows for quick identification of weak or compromised passwords across the organization.

How Passwork benefits your business

No more “sticky notes” posted in public places so that employees can get into shared accounts, or calls to IT due to forgotten login credentials. Employees just need one login to access all of their business tools once Passwork is deployed. And both employees and administrators benefit from a color and tagging system that makes it easy to quickly search for and identify different account types.

The risk of data breaches is also greatly reduced when employees no longer need to write down password reminders, store them online in unsafe locations, or circulate them amongst themselves. This risk has become bigger than ever with the rise of remote work environments and the increasing use of third-party contractors whose internal security cannot be monitored.

System admins benefit too, streamlining their regular account management duties and ability to view activity and history logs. And employee access can be quickly and efficiently reorganized if they are moved to other projects or move on from the company. All of this allows internal security staff to spend more time on software patching, threat monitoring and other regular duties that keep your organization secure from outside threats.

Passwork: The top choice for secure password management

Passwork’s suite of features, combined with easy-to-use interface and ability to deploy across all types of devices, makes it a leading choice among password managers. The element that puts it over the top is the secure local storage of logins, something that is vital in an ever-changing online threat landscape.


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