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The Recent US v. Apple Case in Context (Part IV)

In this, the final instalment in the series, Pauline C. Reich, Professor and Director of the Asia-Pacific Cyberlaw, Cybercrime and Internet Security Research Institute at the Waseda University School of Law in Tokyo, Japan examines the implications of the recent US v. Apple case in terms of disclosure requirements in…

Data Protection – A Tale of Two Cities

As personal data protection continue to challenge companies it is becoming apparent that the commissions and other structures that police these issues have become impatient with organisations that are not complying with recommendations. For the first time those companies which have suffered a data breach and been found…

Data Protection Laws in Korea

South Korea has had a difficult run of data security breaches. The country has stepped up its data privacy regulation and is backed by extensive enforcement measures. What is the basic structure, its key features and enforcement measures? What are the recent changes and their implications?