6 Frequent Mistakes that Might Cause a Data Breach in Your Enterprise

6 Frequent Mistakes that Might Cause a Data Breach in Your Enterprise

Data Protection begins with your mind, not your secret key

With the growing needs of remote working all over the world, enterprises are looking for ways to leverage the benefits from latest technologies. Yet the war with cyber-attackers is on, Whoops! Video conferencing, streaming live videos of meetings or conferences, managing projects over different geographic locations, storing company data in different locations, is the need of the day. It takes a lot to set up such systems that can lead to a good remote working environment or better communication across the enterprise. However, with the increase of remote working, there is an increased chance of cyberattacks. All systems must be protected with endpoint security for a safer working environment.

What causes a data breach?

Data breach occurs when cyber-attackers aim to capture company’s data for their financial benefits.  A lot of factors are responsible for Data and privacy breach:

  • Using open source code:

One way hackers are able to gain access to enterprise systems is when employees use open source code. Let’s take the example of Ted, who tried to meet the deadline using open source code but ended up making a compromised system. The hackers take advantage of code vulnerabilities by leveraging zero-day exploits. With this, they are able to perform data breach and privacy breach. Recently, a group of hackers performed a zero-day attack and stole the record of 1 million patients as confirmed by Community Health Systems (CHS), a large healthcare provider in the US.

  • Business E-mail Compromise

One mistake employees make is to keep old passwords or very common passwords. This eventually leads to e-mail compromise. If the email is a business email, the data in the cloud drive of that e-mail or the e-mail inbox is compromised. Many a times, employees share confidential financial information over emails, thus such information is also compromised leading to further loss

  • Misconfiguring assets to allow for unwanted access

Technical negligence like misconfigured firewall, not installing an IDS, not investing in a bastion host or keeping outdated anti-viruses software are common ways of letting intruders into the enterprise systems leading to data and privacy breach.

  • Improper disposal of information

There is a lack of protocols in disposing and storing information that is no longer needed in an organization. However, if it gets into the wrong hands, it may lead to hints to the current useful information. While working with company systems, it is important to dispose of unwanted information in a proper way.

  • Falling for phishing scams

Hackers often send emails that impersonate as official emails containing urls and files that look official. However, these links and downloadable files are there for phishing attempts. Employees often fall for these attempts and thus end up providing confidential information into the wrong hands.

  • Insufficient data protection strategies

Data protection strategies come in all shapes and sizes. Accidental disclosure of information or modification of data is a result of insufficient data protection strategies

Top 7 tips to safeguard your business against cybersecurity attacks

To improve your overall enterprise security posture it is important to take the following steps:

  1. Provide protection from Internal threats
  2. Make cybersecurity a priority
  3. Partner with an expert organization
  4. Embed security procedures in the workplace.
  5. Use Technology solutions for enhanced security like Firewalls, Data loss prevention (DLP) etc.
  6. Provide training to employees
  7. Ensure Endpoint security

Implementing the above mentioned techniques, there is a high chance that all cyber-attacks on data will be unsuccessful. Data is an asset. It is best to protect it from all sides.

Have you adopted technology related to cybersecurity in the last year?
Source: 2023 State of Modern Physical Security Report

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Final Thoughts…

As rightly said, Information security is the immune system in the body of business. Data protection is a business requirement that if not adopted correctly, will make your organization a victim to cyber-theft. Smart Enterprises opt for Smart security solution.  Security is a shared responsibility of the entire organization, however, policies and procedures must be in place for a better organizational security. Good IT Managers leverage the benefits of new technologies keeping the security posture of the organization in place before moving forward.

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