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Looking for Penny Cryptos, Buy These 3 Utter Cheap Altcoins

People are looking for ways to buy other cryptocurrencies at lower prices after the cryptocurrency market crashed in 2022. Perhaps you can start buying and selling Bitcoin by visiting Crypto Genius trading app.

Altcoins, digital currencies that don’t have names like Bitcoin (BTC-USD) or Ethereum, have become very popular (ETH-USD). During the most recent bull market, which peaked in the fourth quarter of 2018, a few tokens with smaller market caps did better than their mega-cap counterparts. So, people betting on the next bull run should keep an eye on these other cryptocurrencies.

But investors are likely to get confused because there are so many options. Since so many of them trade at pennies, it might be hard to tell which ones have real upside potential and which are cheap.

Decentralized region (MANA-USD)

Decentraland (MANA-USD), which came out in 2017 and is built on the Ethereum blockchain, is a metaverse game for virtual reality. The network is run with MANA, a local cryptocurrency. In this marketplace, users can use tokens to buy various in-game items, such as avatars, names, wearables, and many more.

The price of MANA has changed a lot over time. People come and go in their desire to invest in the metaverse for long-term growth. Everyone was happy last year, so this coin hit a new all-time high. Even though sentiment had recently dropped, which caused the price to drop, a token cost just under $1 when this article was written. At the end of the year before, a token cost around $6, which was the most it had ever cost.

There is a chance that Decentraland will do very well in the next bull market because more and more big companies and institutional investors are looking at the metaverse as a place to put their money. There is a chance that the big marketplace created by this initiative, where buyers and sellers can meet and do business, will be the next big thing.

Cardano (ADA-USD)

One of the “old guards” of cryptocurrencies is Cardano (ADA-USD), which came out in 2017. In any field, a project that has been around for only five years can hardly be called “veteran.” Still, this is how most things in the field of cryptography are done.

Cardano is now one of the 10 projects with the most value. Its market value is almost $17 billion. So, even though each token was worth about 50 cents when this article was written, this is not a small cryptocurrency you can buy for a few pennies.

In a few short sentences, you can say what Cardano’s main point is about investing. Cardano’s ecosystem has grown slowly in the past few years. It is now one of the oldest blockchains that use proof-of-stake and work with smart contracts. Investors are interested in this blockchain because it has a lot going on. This could be done with decentralized apps, games, new currencies, or other projects.

But the fact that Cardano has a very small carbon footprint is one of the main reasons why so many people are interested in it. Because of its proof-of-stake consensus mechanism and other carbon-offsetting projects like Cardano Forest, which has planted more than a million trees, Cardano has become an environmentally friendly blockchain. People all over the world are getting more worried about how mining for cryptocurrency affects the environment.


XRP is the name of one of our most interesting cryptocurrency projects (XRP-USD). XRP is sometimes called a “penny token” because it can be exchanged for less than 40 cents. Still, XRP is one of the largest projects in the world, with a market value of more than $18 billion. It’s kind of like Cardano in this way.

XRP has been used as money since 2013, so it has been around for almost ten years. For almost any coin, that’s a big deal. Ripple, the company that owns XRP, made Ripplenet, which is a big reason why it has been used a lot in the past year.

Institutions and businesses that use Ripplenet can do international transactions for much less money than they would if they used the traditional banking system. So, XRP is a great way to learn how to use cryptocurrency in the real world.


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