NTT DATA Global Solutions Chooses Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR Platform To Improve Internal SOC

NTT DATA Global Solutions Chooses Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR Platform To Improve Internal SOC

In the world of increased cyber risks, Japanese IT giant NTT DATA has chosen Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR (Extended Detection and Response) platform to identify threats and fight back in real time.

In 2015, the Silicon Valley-based Open XDR innovator Stellar Cyber started with the idea to simplify security operations — help businesses combat data overload, and speed up the reaction time of SOC teams.

Fast forward to today, where the company has successfully developed a leading Open XDR platform that relies on AI for fast and accurate detection and response.

For NTT DATA Global Solutions, Stellar Cyber’s detection and response platform improves the productivity of internal SOC and increases the visibility of the ever-scaling attack surface — making detection and response to cyberattacks more streamlined and fast-paced.

Choosing Open XDR

NTT DATA GLS works with a high volume of globally connected networks. They must be guarded against cyber threats at all times. From internal to virtual, their networks are connected all over the world — cyber threats can endanger user data and systems at any time.

For NTT DATA Global Solutions, this is where Open XDR steps in.

This tech enables organizations to retain the security solutions in which they’ve already invested because the platform integrates them. In addition, it utilizes the reports from the tools they have to expedite the response time and detection of malicious activity.

The platform allows companies to cut the costs of the potential aftermath of an attack all the while covering the entire attack surface — even as it scales further. The findings are analyzed, cataloged, and interlinked with the potential hacking activity within the network.

Automated and tracking the activity 24/7, Open XDR is fast to warn teams of any potential risks and suspicious behavior that might indicate full-blown incidents or the start of malicious activity.

“We can analyze, detect, evaluate, and trigger actions 24 hours a day without being bound by experience or subjectivity using the Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform. We use Stellar Cyber for real-time detection of cyber risks. For companies without dedicated administrators, I think the first step in security measures is visualizing the threats with Stellar Cyber,” said Junichiro Baba, IT Strategy & Management Group Manager, Business Strategy Promotion Department of NTT DATA GSL.

Improving Internal SOC in Japan With Open XDR Technology

Japan is also dealing with a shortage of cybersecurity professionals. Existing teams have to keep up with multiple security solutions and make sense of the information that is generated by them.

The skill gap among existing teams and not having enough time to analyze the data from all the security points the company has creates a blind spot for security teams worldwide.

Therefore, relying on accurate solutions, all the while simplifying complex processes, is now more important than ever before.

With traditional tools, data is often not correlated in a way that enables the teams to get a quick bird’s eye view of the state of the entire attack surface or even pinpoint critical risks.

That’s because old tools aren’t designed to analyze high volumes of data that must be managed nowadays, let alone correlate them in easy-to-read reports on a single dashboard.

Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR combines the data reports from multiple security solutions in a single unified platform. The process of threat detection is simplified because the information is linked with possible hacking activity.

For that reason, the platform increases the productivity of SOC and simplifies the day-to-day of already overwhelmed and understaffed analysts. They can find the latest data concerning the state of security from a single dashboard.

“I would like to express our sincere gratitude to NTT DATA Global Solutions for adopting our Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform for their internal SOC. Stellar Cyber automates threat detection and response to cyberattacks through AI-driven automation, and it can greatly improve SOC productivity. Stellar Cyber will continue to contribute to promoting cyber security measures for many Japanese companies,” said Makoto Fukumi, Country Manager – Japan of Stellar Cyber.

Stepping Into the Future of Faster Cyber Threat Detection

Open XDR utilizes AI and machine learning to increase the reaction time over the complete attack surface.

AI automates processes and security solutions that have to keep up with the fast-paced modern environment.

Machine learning considers the unique context of the company. It continually analyzes data concerning the normal activity within the network to flag any anomalies.

Stellar Cyber is a leader in Open XDR technology at a time when companies need simplified solutions to combat complex cyber risks as soon as they endanger the system.

As a result, Open XDR technology is being adopted by companies in versatile sectors all over the globe.

“Stellar Cyber provides incredible cyber threat detection. In Japan, only a few companies have introduced XDR, even those with EDR, SIEM, or human services Security Operation Center deployments. Stellar Cyber’s cyber threat detection is effective for Japanese manufacturing and online service companies. The adoption by SAP Solution Integrator NTT DATA Global Solutions Corporation is a catalyst for introducing cyber threat detection services in Japan. We look forward to the future as many Japanese companies become interested in this service, ” Haruhiko Hasegawa, CEO of Stellar Cyber partner, Pentio.


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