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Will BTC And ETH Grow 5x This Month, Check Now

Facing ups and downs is a common nature of the Crypto market. The leading coin of the Cryptocurrency market, BTC has been facing a long period of downfall in the market. Also, Ether which is an Altcoin was suffering from a similar problem. But, this July, the condition of both the coins has become better. Also, if you are new to Crypto trading and investments then you must check the bitcoin trading platform quantum ai.

Though its price is far from its all-time high, BTC is growing by around 18%. Ether is increasing by around 54% and is closing with an index rate of 1680 USD. According to a report by Santimant, these two currencies are growing at high rates this July.

A glance at Bitcoin

BTC is the oldest and most popular digital currency. Most of the investors have their investments in this Crypto. In terms of market capitalization, it holds the top position. When you hear about Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin may be the first thing striking your mind.

Many companies, e-commerce platforms, and in fact countries are approving BTC as a mode of payment. You can pay for the services or goods that you buy with Bitcoin in the present times.

A glance on Ethereum

If you are looking for a coin similar to Bitcoin, Ether is the right option in the market. It holds the second position in the market in terms of capitalization. The transactions take place very fast in this network.

Ether functions on smart contracts. And can handle a huge number of transactions per second. After suffering from a bearish trend for around half a year, the rates of this Crypto are surging at present. With its performance, it is one of the leading Cryptocurrencies at present. The price of Ether may cross the line of 12,000 USD according to many analysts.

Performance of BTC and Ether in July this year

The Crypto market is full of volatile situations and the coins face bearish trends quite often. With the start of this year, there was an onset of bearish trends. The two top coins, Bitcoin and Ether kept going down from the highest position. With this, both these tokens had to face negative reactions from the investing class.

All of such negative attitude toward these coins was due to the fear of inflation. The traders were assuming that more price hikes Mai occur in upcoming times.

The report of Santimant says that with the correction of the rates in July, the situations are changing. The investors are restoring their confidence in the tokens and investing again. The traders now share the belief that the prices will keep on rising after July.

Also, the report is claiming that on July 26, the network Ethereum has seen its highest addresses. It experienced more than 1 million active addresses daily according to this report. For Bitcoin, the day was on July 19, when around 994,000 addresses were registered.

What’s next for the two coins

With the prevailing present conditions, it seems that both Ether and Bitcoin may stride at a faster pace. Analysts are believing that these coins may rise from their bearish trends.

The report by Santimant adds that in July, Ether was very cheap. With this, the token experienced minimal circulation from the start of this year. The transaction costs were very low in July this year. So, investors are moving it more at cheap rates.

With the downfall in the starting half of the year, traders were moving away from these coins. But, in July they were returned to Bitcoin, which is their haven.


The present performance of Bitcoin and Ether are reflecting that they may do better in the future. It is not possible to forecast whether these tokens will grow 5x this month. But, analysts are of the view that these coins will grow further after rising from their all-time lowest position. Also, uncertainties are a part of every digital currency’s journey. And, BTC or say Ether is experiencing a similar.

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