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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Privacy Software

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Privacy Software

In many ways complying with privacy laws is straightforward:

  • Understand the legal obligations;
  • Build a privacy program made up of policies, procedures and other appropriate accountability mechanisms; and when there is sufficient volume and complexity,
  • Implement automated privacy management software.

Where compliance gets complicated, software can help organizations operating in multiple jurisdictions manage high volumes of complex privacy activities.

How do you determine when software would be beneficial and provide a return on investment? What are the criteria for comparing different software solutions? And importantly, how do you build a business case for the acquisition of the required solutions?

Nymity’s guide will help you answer these questions.

Get Nymity’s 2018 Privacy Compliance Software Buyer’s Guide

Nymity 2018 Privacy Compliance Software Buyer's Guide

This Buyer’s Guide helps a Privacy Office to navigate the different types of privacy compliance software and to best decide where to invest in order to mitigate risk, build accountability, and achieve ongoing compliance.Since the first privacy laws, many organizations have assigned one or multiple individuals to maintain compliance with privacy laws, often called the Privacy Office or a Data Protection Officer (DPO). They need:

  • Legal Research Software to understand the ever-changing privacy compliance obligations and expectations around the world.
  • Privacy Office Support Software to build and maintain a demonstrably compliant privacy program that results in ongoing compliance.
  • Privacy Management Software to automate privacy management activities justified by volumes or complexity.

This Buyer’s Guide investigates each of these three areas to help you decide if software will help you and your organization.

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