How to Protect Your Identity in the Digital Age

Every bit of data can be used to make a composite image of who you are, what you like, what your spending habits and others. And hackers know that this identity data is worth a high premium to a wide array of people, both in the legal and not so legal side of the spectrum. How do you stay insulated from identity theft…

CEO Fraud and Santa Clause

Phishing attacks known as CEO Fraud or Business Email Compromise are affecting the bottom line of companies and are devastating because the spoof emails have all the appearances of being real, and the victims voluntarily hand over the money.

Artificial Intelligence and the Privacy Challenge

Most people would be rightly excited by the prospect of artificial intelligence automating all facets of our lives. But with machines' increasing ability to mine personal data, collate that data and draw conclusions about behavior, is the sacrifice of privacy and control something people would be willing to give up?