Smart Cities – Not So Smart Privacy

Smart cities are here to stay. The complexity of the modern city simply demands that data is collected and used to ensure the quality of life of those who are using the services of the city. But just how much control and privacy are people willing to give up?

Asia, Data and Brexit – What’s Going to Change?

The exit of the United Kingdom from the EU has caused turmoil in world markets and has far reaching consequences for those companies in the European Union doing business with the country – and vice versa. There has also been some uncertainty about how the authorities based in London will be treating data security and…

Apple vs The FBI – The Asian Perspective

The ongoing battle royal between Apple and the FBI, which is trying to force the Cupertino based company to disable the built-in protections of an iPhone formerly owned by a terrorist has long term implications for privacy across the globe. Whether Apple wins or loses privacy advocates are watching the events extremely…

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